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Or two. Two seven three seven twelve hundred is the first day of June. Can you believe in your what happened to mate? What happened April January February where did on this time go by how many how many days for elf Louis? Oh man. We're almost there. Yeah. It's going by quick is also the beginning of hurricane season. Overhearing a lot about that first name this year is going to be, I think Andrea. Andrea. We'll see. To win. Oh, seven three seven twelve hundred one eight hundred three eight three nine six two four. Here it is June. First. What should we be doing in our launch David on your lawns? You know, if you have not done some good for Tilleke or you think you need a little bit more nutrition, the ovens already starting to turn on both day and the nighttime. We're already hitting ninety degree temperatures morning temperatures still pretty cool, which is nice, but, you know, by mid June here, going into the fourth of July week, it's really going to start getting hotter. But for the lawn you know, we need to start making sure on your in grounds. Sprinkler systems or the way you put supplement arrogation out there that we do an audit. You know, make sure your system's running very very efficiently. That you don't have any major leagues that it's not watering the street or sidewalk. So and arrogation efficiency is very important. That's one thing ligature lawn more. You know you've mowed a few times here. You know, look at the leaf blades of the lawn, you know, or is it shredding that leaf blade, you know, if it's threading it, particularly Saint Augustine, it's going to be more prone to disease pressure on those cuts need an real nice cuts. That's no they make sure those blades on those mowers are very sharp start start raising it up a little bit higher going into the summertime here raising it. And if you wanna put a little nutrition out there, we've always said around going into the June season little bit of nitrogen a little bit Arn Heil makes of excellent granulated product called high yield iron. Plus, you can put it out about ten pounds per one thousand square feet. Anytime you use a product that, as aren't, of course, make sure you sweep it off or blow it off. Don't wash it off your drive. You don't want those little orange spots everywhere. Madge, right. Wow, phones are filling up quick this morning. Vivian good morning. Vivian. How can we help you? Good morning. Good morning. I'm a they've been Valia that has been growing next to my house for about six seven years, okay? And probably three years. It doesn't have any, the color Brax on it. Okay. So that's something I can do to get it to. Couple consideration. So it's growing in the landscape, not a container. Correct. Right. Okay. Has it frozen down? Or do you cut it back at a certain time frame, typically? Guess both you know. So if it freezes oh, of his terminal easily in the wintertime. I cut it right back. Okay, how far back to gut it. Disa- deadwood. Okay. Okay. Down to about five inches as any grows about I would say. Eight to ten feet season. And that doesn't the second vote, Bogan viz being a tropical type plants are very heavy feeders. So will this warmer weather, you know, you really should be fertilizing it with a good water soluble of fertilizer, an alternating the types that you use can be something like sixty one they could be one of these specialty Bogan via high biscuits type foods but really start kicking up the nutrition about once a week. Yeah. Seven to ten days, particularly going into the month of June. Because these are some color tie plant, so we need the nutrition to get the green grove and then initiate, the flowers on it a couple of things. If you got real, long stem shooting out, you can nip those back just a little bit in our three four inches. Cutback your water. Just a little bit. Keep the of nutrition program a strong program on that. And then the other the only thing is they are receiving quite a bit of sunlight. Correct. Yes. It's on the sunny side of the house. Yeah, the Bogan is really need that full sun? So watch the watering real close kick up the nutrition cut the tips back a little bit. And then say if we can initiate, the, the Bracks of flowering cycle here in the next three weeks or so. Okay, great. Thanks very much for the advice. I appreciate it. Thank you for calling go to Craig, and your Broncos Craig the morning. What's up? Doing doing. About twenty one years ago when that I got the law. I am. I can't say it. Emerald zoysia. No. Radim bermuda. Okay. Okay. Can't speak. Well, then it went to the Middle East for eight years of on came begging died and I put in Saint Augustine. Okay. But now I got batches ember muted that won't die. Water. I cut it. What can I do to get because the fan August is in is in killing it. Okay. So you don't like the blend you want, you want, Saint Augustine and not the Bermuda. Correct. Correct. Okay. So what you need to do is designate the majority of the little islands, which are predominantly, Bermuda and mow the area. And in about three or four days with this heat comeback early in the morning. When it's not too hot and windy and get some glide for sate weed and grass killer, make sure glyphosate weed and grass killer, which is what we call a nonselective herbicide get the concentrate, you know, get something that's eighteen or men are forty-one percent. Get the strong stuff diluted at the highest dilution rate. And since our water is very Alkali mix a little bit of vinegar in there to help neutralize neutralize that water. And then, spray, those areas that you wanna kill out the islands, you might say, and what this warmer weather that we have since Bermuda has above and below growing structures. It kills it all the way to the route. So will not come back, and this should with this weather. We will be having within fourteen days or so it should die out. And then during that timeframe you started looking around looking for some quality Saint off. Augustine particularly, like if you can find Florida. Tampa, Florida Tampa Saint Augustine gets a fresh from the farm pieces and about couple weeks, then you go in there and spot plant those pieces here and there, make sure you watch the watering with the heat of summer. Of course, you know, hand water were needed tamp that grass down roll it, if possible, and then for the mix, you might say, you know, little bit, Bermuda are we'd mixed into that. Saint Augustine just keep mowing watering and fertilizing with time that Saint Augustine being coarser blade turf, gr turf grass will choke out that Bermuda. Okay. Come on. But it doesn't. Yeah, we'll kick up the nutrition a little bit market counter for next March, and for sure, Cora rates, your lawn and put a half an inch laundry out there. Craig good luck. Thanks for the call. She Glenn and casual hills and Shane down in divine. Hold on. We're gonna come back and visit with you right now, we're gonna check traffic and weather together from the W O I traffic center. Luc fourteen westbound at worst. It's fucking right lane right shoulder..

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