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Found young gunman exhibited warning signs before nearly half of all mass shootings. Washington's congressional delegations going to bat for the state's apple growers. Komo's Brian Calvert reports local farmers are up against a big barrier. When it comes to exports. Scott Mackel rates says getting his fruit. Overseas is tough these days in the country's normally interested in his fruit are going elsewhere. And once that relationship has been developed very hard for us to get back into it. Also means there's plenty of extra fruit here that brings down the price the more because there's more now Senator Maria Cantwell and Representative Dan Newhouse or leading a new charge drafting a letter urging US. Trade Representative Robert lighthizer to work with Japan to resolve and remove barriers to allow Washington state apples access to their market, and while higher tariffs are the culprit in other countries in this case, it's all on Japan. The country has very strict sanitary rules for its apple imports. Brian Calvert, KOMO news time now eleven oh nine former President Barack Obama paid a visit to our neighbors to the north today. Komo's Tom Glasgow. Was there video and audio recordings of Mr Obama were not allowed at the Vancouver convention centre topics ranged from his first day out of office to his first six months in office that he described as extraordinarily intense due to the great recession. There were no direct attacks on President Trump or any mention of the growing twenty twenty democratic presidential field to issues voice serious concerns about global warming and artificial intelligence, which he believes will eliminate complete segments of the workforce within the next fifteen to twenty. Five years in something that needs to be prepared for now. Reporting from Vancouver British Columbia, Tom Glasgow. Come oh news. The city of Seattle vision zero project with the goal of zero traffic fatalities by the year twenty thirty not even close to reaching that goal. But at a hearing yesterday some people questioned the city's commitment to that goal, and sadly it's been underfunded under supported and really under prioritized by both departments. And I think by our political leadership. The city says there were seventeen traffic deaths in two thousand seventeen dropping to fourteen last year, but pedestrian deaths went up from eight to eleven it's eleven ten into the holiday exterior sports desk. We go Ken huskies stay unbeaten at home this basketball season as a take on Oregon state tonight. Komo's Bill Schwartz says they'll get a tough test in late January. The huskies made fifty eight percent of their shot attempts in a seventy nine sixty nine win at Oregon state, the beavers hung around primarily because of Stevie Thompson with thirty points. You dub coach Mike Hopkins says his? Defenders must know where number one is at all times. But he's a great player has had a great year. And we gotta make sure we do a better job of finding a now in transition, but math Toni castricone, adjacent Hamilton fire up. The coverage at six thirty tonight from Alaska Airlines arena, Bill Swartz on the home of the huskies, KOMO news. We'll check traffic and weather next. Komo news time eleven eleven. Virgin Atlantic says all passengers and crew on a charter flight from Barbados to London have been putting Corentin because of fears of illness. Staff say the quarantine measure was necessary. After a number of customers who reported feeling unwell on board then on arrival the passengers and crew were immediately taken to a reception centre got the capitol for medical assessment. One traveller tweeted that the passengers who will be on a cruise ship in the Caribbean on that it was believed the illicit originated on the ship and not on the plane. He said the sickness appeared to involve a bad cough and possible chest infection, the airline says it's conducting a probe into the circumstances. Charleston LA desma London for a second time, a two weeks classes canceled at schools in Louisville due to a teacher's sickout. As we hear from ABC's Ryan burrow, Jefferson County public schools announcing early Wednesday morning that classes would not be in session due to too many teacher absences and the inability to safely cover a large number of classes with substitute teachers last week Jay CPS had to cancel school when teachers staged a sick out in an effort to protest house bills that could change general administration and management of the teacher's retirement system board of trustees Ryan burrow, ABC news, Washington. Governor Jay Inslee was an Iowa yesterday, a very important state in his presidential Ronnie toured a solar plant focusing on his campaign promise to combat climate change and the governor and the only candidate who says very clearly this needs to be the number one priority for the United States has the governor arrived in Iowa sodas. I campaign ads a super PACS, but a million dollars on the Ensley commercials that will run for the next two weeks up next to the governor a campaign stop in Nevada, then California later this week a first of its kind. And bus is hoping they're they're hoping that this bus will reduce the high rate of opioid deaths in Mason county, the north Mason regional fire used a federal grant to create a quick response team. They'll send the bus to overdose calls alongside first responders in rural areas. The kids have southern reports from twenty twelve to two thousand sixteen the rate of death from all opioids in Mason county was higher than the state's rate fourteen point seven deaths to nine point three per one hundred thousand people it's the first time the grant will be used in our rural area for a mobile unit to get it also be sent to jails schools and hospitals, the Oregon legislature reaching a settlement with nine women who say they were sexually harassed at the Oregon capital ABC's Brad Ford for Portland investigation into sexual harassment at the Oregon state capital started. When state Senator Sarah gals for accused Senator Jeff crews of sexual misconduct. Crews resigned his seat the Oregon bureau of labor and industries launched an investigation found several women had been harassed by a variety of people at the capital. It was determined to be a hostile work environment. Nine women are part of the one point. One million dollars settlement. The legislature is now considering bills to correct the problem. One Bill would create an equity office that would handle the complaints and sexual harassment training for everyone working in the capital, Brad Ford. ABC news Portland, Oregon coming up next on nasal spray to help cure, or at least treat depression will have that story next right now. Seven.

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