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Deal with tom kato then they want dna next and but then they were talking about taymor and how annoying she isn't there like probably taymor before tina she's so annoying we need to get rid of her they just get frustrated with her every ten that she's not a rep but then like they get back in the room with her and they're like okay but this person's vote for us like we can't get rid of it's so weird because they're so friendly together all the time except for the brief moments of taymor and lolo fighting basically but then the second natalie and lolo go off by themselves like oh we hate her it's still via the relationship between low and fame are still so intriguing to watch because they had their fight or whatever and they seem to be fine and tim are seems completely fine like she completely forgot that this even happened but anytime low comes nearer like tame are put her put her hand on her yesterday why you touch me your hands come down it's really nuts series another thing that i noticed was that natalie natalie said that production of first of all i believe not only might have said another thing too i might have been natalie might have somebody else said that they were they were told not to talk about competitions and they somebody was like hey they haven't told us not to talk about competitions lately that's weird i'm pretty sure this is like a corroborating evidence to what we talked about in the first round table we were like hey i think what happened is when the feed previews came on they told them not talk about all these things and then the real feeds came on they didn't say hey now you can talk about things they've been thinking this whole time that they're not supposed to talk about things and so they're like hey why haven't we been dinged for talking about competitions i think production is always going to productions never gonna outwardly tell them you can talk about more now because they want them to talk about his less production competitions and stuff as possible so if they just happen to not talk about it for a while that's fine if production but it's not great with us so at least those come around on the fact that they haven't said anything so i guess this is fine to talk about like really bad with some of these people because they understand that there's feeds on but it's like i remember seeing jaycees tweet like a week ago where he was like wait this is what life feeds are like you are watching us all day long with cameras following you like some of them really have no idea how these work and it's going to be bad with they have no idea that these conversations the personal things that they're talking about their lives every single thing like lowe's like oh so people at home must know that this is going on right like they must know what's happening that you just won the veto yes we're watching all the time that's a life you never know another strange thing natalie has said apparently that she was told by producers not to wear her keeney any more yeah what's that about that's like their whole thing in all of the advertisements like hey look at the people in bikinis during the summer thing maybe maybe it's not a summer season i don't know but i don't know maybe i one yeah i don't know i dunno digress trying to keep it more family friendly for the winter crowd more clothes on it's cold out there look it is negative degrees outside in most of the in some country they they're going to be too jealous view that's gotta be it ver- very strange very strange anything else mad that we need to bring up here nope got the round table tonight and stuck with me again yes sprint is unfortunately not going to.

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