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I gotta take it to these people. Because i think that i think we what john cut loose like doing. You wanna do. Let's figure this out and so it's cool and having that flex they love their support in that flexibility internally is really the driving factor in. It's not that that's the cool thing about the team. I'm with right now. Is that they they really do. They really really their pro entrepreneur. Mark's podcast it's about entrepreneur. Yeah right so the pro entrepreneurial even internally we march podcast before i was i was on his podcast season one season one was seasoning on now three. Okay another seasons. Listen and you learn things every day. I need you know i. It's a podcast so you can kind of do what you want. And i think seasons affords you the opportunity to take a break every once in a while needed. Honestly i think taking breaks and whether it's a passion project whether it's work whether it's whatever like honestly like eve relations. I'm not saying i'd take a brain relationship also even alone time fine. You know what i mean. It's very important. Oh i in our in what we're doing. A lot of social life is my work life. And i love that i love it. I love it. i love it. I get energized from the from the interaction. Jason these confrontations. But the as much as much as. I love that i require the power down require the. What is the power down for you great question. I think it's important. Let's say power down important to spend time on yourself. Whatever that looks like for you or for me for me. obviously fitness as a staple and so The cardio awaits trough. It's not crossing because he would talk about it right now. Well no it. It is crossed it. I just i just know the the negative connotations about it. So i usually don't address it upfront. Because of the perception. And i think that it's too late now because you're already judging me with your judging and judging and that's fine but now it just has a lot more about you than it does about me. Oh that's okay. that's okay it's i. I enjoy the way i train. And honestly i took took a lot of time off from working out because i got wrapped up in what i was doing. But wouldn't you take off. Once i joined joined that family office and.

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