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Here right because as soon as they come we wanna say shit so we go out. I buck around. They helped me get hooked up again big mistake. Same shit as book relapsing bitches. No offense make this nigga relapse time and time again. He pulls the same shit again. Two years later. I get that typical techs meaning he single. Of course be a nice guy yet again. You let him back in your circle so now things are better than ever for a brief moment four years later it if you try to keep track of the years. I think it's around eight years. I saw four times anyways for years later after no communication. I'm at a random store. Meaning a store that i don't go to lo and behold i shit you not i see this motherfucker like what the fuck out of all the stores in san diego for some reason. It's me to see this motherfucker like a divine individual type shit. The funny thing. He's some chick. I'm sure the same lady he will have to grade with in. Obviously they was in relationship. Because i would have seen him or heard from him but again he acted as if he never left four years ago or didn't get a new number. He acted delusional to be honest. I thought nick was on drugs. But after one more spontaneous citing i couldn't help but wonder why is this nigger always popping up unexpectedly. There's be reason anyway. Fast forward six years later of no contact or sightings whatsoever. I get another text out of the blue this time. An unknown number talking about what art this is. So and so how you been broadway. I news ed nigger. I'm like fuck disney has got to be single. Or he's about die in when he gave his last rites when it set the record straight anyway. I contemplated for a whole fucking day whether or not i should even respond and yes responded. My heart would let me pass it up. It was like naked. Listen this dude was your best friend. So what if he's always gets blindsided by love. The nick obviously not a motor task between peelings multiple partners. That doesn't make him a bad person. Just sokolow besides it was your fault for putting them in those predicaments knowing the outcome resorting going off the grid disco around. Don't have high expectations always expect a disappearing act art but enjoy every moment. But that's what my heart told me. Yes folks heart. Do talk to me so anyway. I complied sint. My former best friend. Tech's instead i am looking forward to hear no drastic changes that has transpired in your life for you to be reaching out at the six years. This alone is worth three over. Who pass that shit up. Three weeks later stealing huffman nigga. He must have got back with his girlfriend onto the next. That is all folks. I hope you enjoy the show. Because i really enjoy entertaining. Y'all y'all know. But i do get an orgasm off the shit. It's a wonderful feeling telling you. I'll take pride in his shit. No that helped to but a week. Try to eat a meal every two hours. I'm not talking about eating the fucking supper every two hours. A snack is also considered a meal eating a snack..

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