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What I today. With twin? They split was. They couldn't stop him from type that's what he called. I gotta go. Gotta go talk now, and and and all stopped on the stop after eight and you're so was from report one quick story on that up stairs. True. We'll be called the attic at the question at what you've been in before. Remember, you were there is that he had a seat up there. And it was always a lousy place about fantastic is considering anybody can't thereby probably fifty on the south there. And and then never come up. It's like he was he didn't he didn't do you do that. You know, you had us all private Cherokee up in the restaurant up. A rope. But on Sundays at taking boats all afternoon at the masters come up there for five an hour and a half some fear about I don't know seven o'clock, and he would do the fastest typewriter in the south and Hugh citizen. And then they get up and walk out that was Sports Illustrated story, that's how he wrote it. And of course, he's look like a masterpiece when you read it I once asked Dan what I am. Britain boasts in Gusta, and you'll appreciate this earlier in the week, comma. Well, it's funny. We we have to close here you, and I were talking about this just the other day on on your program about these. About these stories and on top of all that he was close friends with Ben Hogan, which would have gotten him into any hall of fame, wouldn't it? Yes, it did. And I didn't know this this read it that apparently Oakland tried to get him to to to play golf professionally. And I if I got fifteen seconds of real quick, I'll tell you that one thing is when I was there. Dan, and I call Cisco play golf and we've played golf and he kept hitting the ball. And you get the woods, and you cook it these cook, some more hook some more, and I've never heard that expression. The by the way, says of my book dead solid perfect is made to be its own HBO tonight. So I watch it. So I go turn on the TV watching it. Randy quays places has called for Danieli, whatever the last bucket up whatever they want, and he gets up on a t and he hits the ball. And it goes into woods. Look, some more expert expert of excellent. That's that's where it came about. And I that was that was playing golf with that Cookson more many, thanks, buddy. Really? Appreciate your time on this just incredible man and sad day. But one that. Many are crying, but also laughing at his work that he's left behind. Thank you so much. Thank you for them. It'd be on Paul, Dan. You listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. I can't believe it that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets..

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