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I said to jeff i don't know how to do a faithful adaptation of your book i just literally don't know how to do it and if if what you need is a faithful adaptation then you will need someone else because unlock the guy who's going to be able to do that i'm sean fantasy editor in chief of the ringer and this is the big picture a conversation show with some of the most exciting filmmakers in the world some movies home at a different frequency the writer director alex garland mixed quiet movies that eventually roar in a way that is different from other sifi his debut 2015 x martina was an exploration of artificial intelligence the became a surprise hit an an oscar winner his latest annihilation is an adaptation of the nautilus jeff vanderveer's bestselling book the girl and take some fascinating liberties with the story natalie portman oscar isaac can test the thompson stars explorers and scientists on a mission to explore colorful spectral disturbance called the shimer it is taking over a massive land in the american south the closer they get to the shimer the more horrifying it becomes garland and i talked recently about the making of this unusual and masterful movie is early days as a novelist and screenwriter movies like twenty days later and sunshine and a whole lot more here's alex garland really said it to be joined today by one of my favorite filmmakers elks girl lx thank you for coming in but it's a pleasure wickedly alex i wanna know what kind of movie you knew you wanted to make after exmonarch ina and the success of that will be did you have a sense of the kind of film you want us do next no not really but i do think that i always react against the thing i just did before ex mckenna was a film dread which is a kind of drug fueled ultraviolent psychotic movie very different to exmclaren than before dread was never let me go which is small suicide contained literary adaptation so there's always a sense of trying to avoid what you just did.

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