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Didn't love everybody and welcome to we. Say things episode one fourteen. I spend here with cinder in who is drinking from his damn. it starts with an s. dine stein. That's right ben. stein got it. I'll remember that for next time for sure. How are you doing good sir. Good good woke up had a shower. Now i'm here great to hear that's very riveting you you have anything other than played doda. Yes i play other games in. Walk my dog. And spend time with my girlfriend senator and you need to live and walk my dog again. Okay get a cat. then you'll live. that is true. Need a cat and a dog okay. Oh sorry i almost forgot to do patrons shoutouts was gonna skip right ahead. Thank you tour in bruges here as always thank you to your friend andrew semper pie hacun matata the guy in the chair. Lucas frankel commander donut. I'm playing position. Five in real life banzai. Wiseguy chicken potpie wife doesn't want me to cancel. So she continued to explore smut. Literati occur until we're broke and she is bone dry truecar playing against watson. In lane associati his second so should be called sphinx. Blast the mega pope. Don't be afraid to tell us what you think. Don't be afraid to tell god. Don't be afraid to tell us what you want in life. Ti in new zealand and those tongue-twister at is xavier nichols zero one. Ham croat's bacon think c. p. three curse with scott foster. This is the only time i'm going to put fuck. I'm really bad reading today. This is the only time. I'm not going to put a fucked up name here. I just wanna give shot to my good friend. Oh jim jim jim i guess. Oem maybe go. Jim go ahead senator shark. Tm pro counter strike one point six players suns fan tv. Novi panda dob for the love of god..

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