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At the charming and affordable cinemax at the heritage center in macclesfield we both went in with mild expectations given the mixed reviews from other members of the congregation unless we show like monk with good lady really enjoyed oceans eight and while she did not think it was as good as the originals she did find it marginally better than the other heist movie that we saw recently solo however my my view differs somewhat although i found eight enjoyable and interesting once the highest began i found that it just completely falls flat as a comedy he just isn't very funny the fact that scenes involving the rotation rabbit himself provided the most laughs at are showing highlights this okay have pulled over there we go yes in that one another problem is that the highest is just way too easy the biggest challenge they encounter they sold in the very next scene there was never any sense of possible failure didn't hate it i just found it okay don't you wish somebody at my decision for bbc full one episode of which was a dissection of how the perfect heist movie can be made no i'm quite happy with you yeah so anyway look at it's two twenty five and we're gonna to review in just a second had a reminder that row brighton is hit that ways here already hanging around in here all day he's probably just talking to people on the willed one got any questions for rob we'll put them to him off to two thirty and kevin donald is our other big guest talking about whitney houston his extrordinary documented we'll do that ran about quarter past three anyway so lots of lots of good films to to discuss and this is one of the leave no trace new film but debra granik winter's bone based on the novel mind benjamin my pete's rock starts with a father and his teenage daughter living off grid in forest park in the woodland's on the outskirts of portland oregon they all living a completely under the radar existence they make they make far from earth they are the water from the sky every now and then they go into the city to get supplies which he gets by selling his medication because he's a veteran who is suffering ptsd but basically the living under the radar no one knows that they're there they moved from camp to camp so they don't get detected until one day a jogger spies them and the next thing the authorities turn up has on back your head dollo everything on either gonna hurt me just the noise are we running you out here my daughter's with me tom come out one on there cooperate we haven't done anything wrong who operate who you are what's one hundred go.

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