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You were this is early morning It's three 48 Proud to get whether all the 8s and when it breaks good morning to Ian Crawford in the WTO P traffic center Checking our crash dino on the on 50 eastbound on the ramp to go south or actually under the outer loop of the capitol beltway I think that has been cleared there The foliage has been in the way of most of these camera shots so it's been hard to tell but the flashing lights appear to be gone I think that would maybe clean up and put away on the ramp from eastbound 50 onto the outer loop of the capitol beltway The rest of the belly right is actually pretty good shape on 66 We've had a couple of stoppages and spots eastbound between 29 to 28 through cedarville right lane getting by now and then as you approach the capital bubbly over the top of I four 95 that single left to get by But it's getting on to our time for them to all pack up and go home It's Friday after all they want to go home too So we should be starting to see the end of the work zones Nothing out of the ordinary nothing beyond your management levels at this point 95 northbound waiting for the all clear on the work zone after garrisonville heading toward Quantico single left gets by then they shove you over into the express lanes you ride those up to just before exit one 48 where you get to jump back into the main travel lanes and travel on your way On 28 northbound the earlier crash on the ramp to go west on route 7 that is gone and that has been cleaned up on the district side New crash being talked about is going to be 12th and Massachusetts northwest all lanes blocked in that intersection just to the west of Mount Vernon square in Maryland 95 BW Parkway quiet two 70 Hopefully you're going to be quiet here soon The southbound work was before clarksburg and the last report that was a single right lane to get by have not had an update on that one sometime in the cameras looking at I'm not even altogether sure what On the rest of the Maryland ride the 50 across the bay bridge two way traffic on the eastbound span traveling without delay Ian Crawford traffic Storm team four tracking what will become a weather alert day for your Friday as rain moves in That rain will become heavy at times and we'll see that all day periods of rain there will be some dry time too especially during the afternoon but we'll see a couple of rounds of very heavy rain.

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