Ronald Reagan, Poland, Shultz discussed on Dennis Prager


But but there are echoes of ronald reagan in some of the big speeches that trump is delivered if you look at for example warsaw poland or the speech in riyadh saudi arabian the heart of that's right that's right the warsaw speech was back deficient or state of the union most recently our the united nations speech he obviously inserts rocket ban into that speech but the speech overall if you looked at it would line up with the echoes of and is it not fair to say there's another parallel that both reagan and trump got to the possibility of these summit meetings because they believed in strength peace through strength and i think that's true when i sat down with secretary shultz that's what he said and his advice to the trump administration on on camera and by the way we're putting together on and our special it's going to air with all the interviews that we did for this book on june fifteenth on that weekend but he said that the peace through strength was the key part and the strength of being obviously the most important factor it was it was reagan's force of pressing and and belief that communism was morally bankrupt and ethically bankrupt and eventually economically bankrupt that enabled him to reach the point where he could eventually sit down but someone like mikhail gorbachev.

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