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Retired i'd been up quite a long time as soon as i boarded the plane i took another dose of melatonin so if you've listened to the sleep episode you know that i use melatonin occasionally when i travel just to step away a little bit and remind you what melatonin is four melatonin is naturally produced in your body in a circadian rhythm that has to do with nighttime and daytime to your body will start producing melatonin in the evening it's one of the ways that your body starts signalling hey it's time to start getting sleepy so what supplemental melatonin is doing is kind of forcing that signaling to happen at frankly an unnatural time and a lot of things control your body's melatonin i'm not going to get into that right now but one of the big things that helps control it is exposure to light and dark so really when you're going to be getting on a plane at three forty five for instance and you need your body to think hey that's about bedtime so that when you get to your destination you're already getting adjusted melatonin his what used to help but i don't stop there i have no reservations in telling you that i also as soon as the boarding door is closed so i don't do this while people are still getting on or while they're still any really chance that the fight might not be taking off but after the boarding doors close and the plane pushed away from the gate on this trip i took one's annex now for many of you all that may not be comfortable for you.

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