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Somehow we've all been together before I don't know why feel so connected this way but I feel like I know no. I'm just spilt electrically connected to all of you as we speak. The House is debating on the historic. Vote that will take place later today on whether or not to impeach you know who he called in some of his friends ends or cronies. Stephen Miller to help fire off a really kinda angry letter at Speaker Nancy Pelosi and was also asked asked his thoughts on about what's going down. Take a look for the back. You know I don't take any zero to put it mildly. They took a perfect phone call that I had with the president of Ukraine. An absolutely perfect call. You know they all know nothing. We're said wrong on that. Call to impeach. The president of the United States for that is a disgrace and it's a market our country. It's actually going to be a mark on your presidential record. What's in would really sooner? I guess made me laugh because I thought of all these guys sitting around saying okay and then what are you going to say about her own. No I know she nancy. NC PULLED OC is a big all. What what should we say which? I wonder how much I miss I mean. Why are you sitting around with folks writing letters to l'esprit? Wha what were you know. He didn't write. It hasn't read six pages much much less written or no he went. He wrote some of this. He wrote some tell you. I looked at me. An English teacher. There was syntax commas and periods and everything. Stephen Miller Sandra Stephen you can you can read read like a very long tweet this yes probably six s the longest thing he's ever written. But what does this do to someone who has built his entire. LUGOSI's off of his name. His brand we'll be make a good point if they vote to impeach him. The first thing that's GonNa come up when you google trump is the third president to be impeached right That's GONNA cost some severe scary this letter for tear terribly written a lot of grammatical errors but it makes it a lot harder for someone like myself who's trying to take take trump out of it and think about the bigger picture of what impeachment means and how hard we should make it for. President be impeached because this letter was just complete narcissism awesome. And it's the exact opposite of what I think about the president and what they should be the one of the best qualities I've always thought for president is humility because humility means You're willing to listen to someone. Humility means you're willing to admit when you've made a mistake. Yes none of those he did in this letter and none of those he ever is willing to do. You know so you can't read this to yourself. Is this what I always thought of to leave this country. Is this the type of person that I want. Cycle Fry Tiller. It was very bizarre art. And I mean it's it's on the Internet you know. I hope people will read it at six pages. It single single Spain. It's very entertaining but it's also bizarre. I've read it about five times because every time I read it. You know I wear a fitbit and my heart kept on getting faster and faster the my heart rate because it was scary. Sorry I I felt pity that concern and then I got scared for the country for the country because I started thinking about the twenty fifth amendment. If I'm being honest I started thinking about his fitness to lead the country because it sounded it sounded like the rantings of someone that was unstable. Here's the thing I I was thinking. What's the motive for the hysteria? You know this guy We know if he doesn't win he's out there he could go to jail and I think that he's a he's really frightened. I really do think he's frightened. I mean this guy used two million dollars foundation money for his own use. That was supposed to go to veterans. I believe you know he has. He has a okay. Has Hush money to stormy down Daniels. That's hanging out there as a crime. There's all sorts of things he's done I don't think he. I thought that I don't think he realized the severity of what it means. Is Angie impeached to have everybody sit around and say we think something and has gone on and we need to do all of this. I think they eat. I believe in my heart that he thinks he's going to be able to make A. What do you call when he writes something something in he can change the way stuff happen? That's hard and now he can't pardon himself I don't think he could use. But what's the what's the thing when he makes this when he makes it. Look thank you executive to say. I think he thought he could make some sort of executive decision and shift. This and I think it's just starting to be clear jammed this house. I mean I think the letter is unpresidential. Obviously obviously a very aggressive But the politics of impeachment. We're GONNA be talking about probably for the next few months. Nancy Pelosi in March told The Washington Post for impeachment. Impeachment is so divisive to the country tree that unless there's something so compelling an overwhelming and bipartisan which is the part that I zeroed in on. I don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country now. Eighty eight percent of Republicans begins our guest impeachment. Tolsey Gabbard actually offered a censure for Democrats which I thought that would probably be a better way to get Republicans on board to censure versus impeachment and I was talking taking some friends of mine last night. Who Don't follow politics? I envy their lives deeply but they were under the impression that being impeached today means he's out of office and I had to explain it goes. What's the trial? And then if he goes to trial and then he won't be able to run again but the likelihood of going to the Senate and passing through is almost nothing. So the politics of this. I just don't know where Democrats lie given the every polling from whatever pull you read from CNN on onboard more conservative outlets show that the popularity is waning so at a certain point. We're going to come to the end of this and I don't think Democrats are going to get what they want. So what happens next. But that's we'll get what they want. I think Democrats are going to get what they want. And I think that this is no longer about getting him out of office. It is putting on the record for everyone to see whether you agree with it or not that we followed the directions that the founders of put down and said if you think something is happening it's the same with the with the not the whisperer law. My God art there were there. Were things that have been put into place so then people want him removed though like Democrat. I think there's a swat. Obviously there are a lot of people who I guess what I'm saying is regardless of whether he goes or not the fact that we are as Americans entitled to question the Actions Of this man sitting in office and they are job. Congress at their job is to say. If they're saying there's something wrong we need to make sure there's not because you should be. You should be the pinnacle now. We know that human beings but you should be the panicle. Your Dad was the pinnacle you know whether I agreed with him about everything was never the point. The point was I never questioned where he stood for for the country. When you start questioning where a president actually stands for the country whether you're right left or center it's a problem? It's always a huge on both before and this is about MCI. Well Yeah it's supposed to be about oversight right it's supposed to be about a separation of powers it's supposed to be about. No one is above the law and I think this this house is is taking its oath seriously and is being guided by the constitution so in this letter in an opportunity for him to get the upper hand here where we think he's going to be presidential and that way way and I think part of the problem with everyone in politics as you just said that a lot of things have gone out the wayside. I'm no longer not living in the present. I can't expect professional presidential presidential ethical behavior anymore. I'm living in the politics of this and telling Democrats it'd be one and feel the rage of Democrats all day. Soon as I leave my apartment I know you want him out or at least a lot of you do and I just don't know if this is the way to do it because once it gets to the Senate I don't think Mitch McConnell as you say everyday Joe You WanNa do this and I know it's going to be on the record but I also know you want him pulled out of the White House. The golden handcuffs. Yeah I I feel very good about today that we're doing this and I also think that the Democrats need to push this idea that they are holding up up witnesses that we need to hear in the neutron on the Senate we need to hear from Mulvaney who need to hear from Bolton. We need to hear from Giuliani. The fact that those those people are not going to be witnesses means that they have something to hide. Americans need to know that Republicans need to know that Republicans need to know that their country is being misused by the people in charge. Seventy one percent of Americans want witnesses what they say we. We're going to bring people that we want you. You can say let's bring. It has to reach of Maine to the trial but the bottom line is we didn't for Clinton yes we we did it for a with Nixon. Yeah do the same thing. Follow the same staff same. There's no one rule for you and another roof. Follow the same steps because whether the you're Democrat or Republican or someone who is in the middle we're all Americans and these all the laws. Yeah if you take us out this web then you've gotta take everybody will it happen. Bullpen say who can say. We'll be right back later of love. Average Joe Biden's personal physician says he's super healthy and fit to serve but witness age. Still be an issue for voters. Here's this week. Christmas has come early to the view. Because we're unwrapping the hottest topics around name another show on television. That does we are ready. GERWIG bringing her view. We're not about Helen. Hunt and Paul Reiser. And our holidays aren't complete without Darlene. 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