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Morning quarterback on WTMJ. Shift a rod looking winds up rainbow for mvs and overshot everybody, and it's intercepted at each secondary. Marcus Williams across the 40 cutting it back, right, 45. He's to the 45 40 down the right sideline to the 30. The 25 chase down out of bounds inside the 15 yard line of Green Bay. Oh, my goodness! Little symbolic of that lost yesterday 38 3 to the New Orleans Saints and you've got to give credit for this. Saints. Carol and Brian. They played very well yesterday for week. One and go, Carol. No, no, no, I agree. I mean, it was just you had one team that showed up in one team that actually didn't. It's just a fact. And I think the most impressive part about about the same performance in one layer if he talked about this on Wisconsin's Morning news, the longtime voice of the Packers They have had anything but an easy couple of weeks. Right? Hurricane Ida rolls through. They get this place is a football team They have now been practicing in Fort Worth, Texas. Not only that their families all got this place to right. So the Saints organization first class moved all the families to safe area and then they had to play this game away from home in front of a predominantly green and gold crowd in Jacksonville, which turned out to be the case yesterday afternoon. And still came out looking, super prepared, ready year old. Let me ask you about this Erin Andrews interview because I thought it was interesting that he said he didn't want to cause any drama. It was more. He used contemplation as his word. But then he said something about Jordan love and getting traded. That I thought was fascinating. Yes. So for those that missed the interview aired in pre game on Fox and Aaron was honest. Um, he was asked if he legitimately considered retirement what his gripes were, and if he got his hopes up, that he was going to get traded, he said, yes, to all of those things. He said, Yeah, I was considering retiring. And, yeah, I was thinking about playing elsewhere. Maybe San Francisco. Maybe Denver because I wanted to kind of stick it to the Packers and say, Look, you didn't guarantee uh, you know anything in my contract past 2022. If you guys wanted to draft this young guy and play and then playing and I want out here, he was honest. I don't think you said anything in the air and Andrew's interview that we didn't know already, and he's been honest about that stuff all the time. So I wasn't shocked and taken aback by anything you said on Fox yesterday. I think he was straight forward to his credit. I think this is the reason he approached. Remember that, like long press conference he did on the first age range camp. He can let it all out. He laid out everything in 40 minutes that day and said, Here's what happened. And that gives him the liberty to have these conversations and not have anybody be shocked by them at this point. No, I don't know the answer this one. I'm going to ask you, Brian. We certainly know that not having your starters playing pre season can be a factory in, you know, in a bad week, one performance Can the frog of the off season all the drama all the you know, not knowing all the trade and retirement talk. Could that be part of this malaise that we saw yesterday? I don't see how it couldn't be right. When things start to go arrive. People started out a little bit of just the natural human reaction Now. I don't think Aaron Rodgers missing the off season program until training camp was the reason they got smacked 38 to 3. I think there are other things that play there, but It was definitely a part of it. And then, from Erin's perspective, I mean, there were plays where he looked off. Yesterday, His timing was off. His rhythm was off. He looked far removed from the dude that we saw when the M V p last season, and I got to believe some of the drama creeps into his mind. It's a natural human reaction for that type of stuff to happen. You know, the other other interesting comparison is. The Bears did play Dalton and Fields in the preseason. And they didn't look that sharp either. So I mean, there's certainly a young and yang to that to that conversation. Yeah, for sure. But the Bears also didn't necessarily go through some of the drama the Packers that no As far as I'm concerned, there's a trickle down theory that's happening here. You know everything at the top. Just seems kind of rotten. I don't know why I'm just Carol talking. It just seems kind of spoiled and rotten. And that's just going to trickle down into the rest of the more you might see The reason you see some of these guys on the defense, just like, uh, I don't know if I would use spoiled rotten and I understand why you want to use those adjectives. I think the word I would choose to describe the entire top level of the Packers organization. Everybody in power. Is ego, right? Marc Murphy's got an ego and agenda, as does Brian. Good, as does Aaron Rodgers, as does Matt LaFleur. And when you've got big egos at the top That are, you know, trying to grasp the power of the organization and want things their way. I think other guys on the roster probably see that other people in the organization see that and go. Okay. Well, this is the way we do things around here so I can grab this and I think there could be down the line a trickle down effect in some validity to what you're talking about. You know what you want Your way to see wants his way. I want my way. But you know what? It doesn't work that way. Only at subway. Hello? Wow. Especially not in the teams for it. By the way, we need to get subway on his apartment. Yes. Yes, yes, but it doesn't work that way in a team sport where you need everybody in the organization pulling the same direction. One Super Bowl. We've got to take a break. It is Monday morning. Quarterback. Thanks for the folks have Steinhafel is and Ho Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells for being are great partners throughout the season and hopefully the playoffs as well after the break. Let's talk about this defense. This job, Ari lead defense and Overall loop around the NFC North when we come back on Monday morning, quarterback right here, WTMJ, you're listening to the Monday morning quarterback on Wisconsin's radio station, WTMJ. Do you have what it takes.

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