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And they were having an argument and so somebody turned on their cell phone camera. Like always say Mace everybody is filming you're on camera all the time. Yet. They and and she he reaches for her cell phone. She won't give it to him. He knocks her down out of a chair. She screaming. Oh my God help help. Oh my God. He rips the phone away from her walks away. Her name is Pam he says, stop it. Pam just stop and she continues to repeat own my God. Oh my God. Witnesses tell us or tell TMZ police were not called to the scene. They spoke to Pam on the phone who said, quote, we were having a family fight about someone in my family. And that's it. He's been involved with the giants for decades. He was their COO starting in may of ninety six team president in Tober of eight and CEO on January first two thousand twelve so he's been with them for over two decades. Stephen she what asked you off the air. You've. Seen the tape. Is there any way he survives this in two thousand nineteen oh not in twenty nine thousand nine Michael? You think it's possible? He could survive it, but unlikely, but I doubt it likes that. Maybe not maybe he could explain himself. He's he and his wife out of argument of very not a physical. I don't know. Maybe it was physical. But not a argument where he hit her. He's trying to yank the phone out of a hand. And she lost a balanced. She can come to his defense. Maybe. But may says he's probably gone, but maybe a suspension I dunno agency. Nope. We live in a zero tolerance world, she what what scares me the most here is her screaming help help if you're screaming help to get away from your husband. Right. And you wonder if that's not a window. I don't want. I mean aspect is that a window into their relationship? Yeah. Sure. That's a good question. Ask. Well, really, wait say that out loud, Greg pow to Milwaukee, the bucks. So he might be in uniform against the Lakers tonight. No, you won't be the night. But he'll be there. Well, he'd be probably has a house here. What makes them? What's scary? No. Well, they were looking at Marsin cortott. So now tot a POWs bedroom gorgeous out there. Yeah. But I'm saying they were Milwaukee was looking at Marsin Todd is like one of the so good buyout candidates walkies going forward. Man. They're going to have the best record in the league. They'll have home court throughout the playoffs brook. Lopez is their starting center. So Powell needs to give them fifteen minutes a game..

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