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With rick worthington acknowledging that a special train into beijing cary north korea's leader china's said along a message from kim jong un to president trump and the president's tweeting about it this morning as we hear from bob constantini the president tweets ready looks forward to his meeting with north korea's kim jong on though when and where it might take place is still being worked out he adds quote received message last night from xi jinping of china that his meeting with kim jong un went very well and that kim looks forward with meeting with me in the meantime and unfortunately maximum sanctions and pressure must be maintained at all costs and quote the official chinese news agency suggests kim is willing to denuclearize his country a key goal of the sanctions however the north has not said publicly it was willing to do so potentially stolen a face to face meeting bob costantini washington well from washington this morning scott carr tells us that not just some women in the senate are unhappy with the chambers inaction on sexual harassment in fact all of them are upset every one of the twenty two women in the senate democrats and republicans have signed a letter to majority leader mitch mcconnell and democratic minority leader chuck schumer expressing their deep disappointment in the senate inaction and moving forward any legislation that would overhaul how claims of sexual harassment are handled on capitol hill the house passed a version of such legislation last month which set up a process for handling sex harassment complaints and withhold lawmakers personally liable for paying settlements but such legislation was noticeably left out of the massive spending bill recently passed by congress largely seen as the last chance for such legislation passing this year scott carr washington and let's see what's going on today on wall street it's hard to tell which way stocks will move today one day after a massive rally the dow tumbled yesterday down three hundred forty five points the nasdaq down more than two hundred on a selloff in technology shares that's due in part uncertainty about the safety of self driving cars and more regulation expected in the wake of the facebook data mining scandal arizona suspended all testing of autonomous vehicles in the state chip maker nvidia suspending all testing of itself self driving technology an uber not renewing its permit to test those cars out.

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