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That's eight hundred two one five fifty one forty one freshman congressman Dan Crenshaw Republican from Texas blasted twenty twenty twenty presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for pandering to different groups as he runs for President Sanders is senator from Vermont posted on twitter that if you can't afford to take care of veterans then don't go to war congressman crenshaw believes this is pandering and explains Wider Fox News deeper level. I always disliked it when politicians Titians star pandering to veterans and telling us how bad we have it and that we just for them that will they'll fix all of our problems. That's just not true. It also gets to really false choice. Which is why we went to war in the first place? I went there because our country needed. I we went there because it was the best interest of our country. I wasn't thinking down the road about being taken care of now. Of course that doesn't mean we shouldn't take care of our veterans but this is also another falsehood that that Bernie is spreading this is a bipartisan issue taking care of our veterans and improving the va we spend far more on the va than we have in the past every single year we as a delegation as a as a congress we look for ways to improve veteran care and he knows that but what he's doing is he's trying to rile people up. He's trying to make people angry. He's trying to tell victims that are trying to veterans better ends. They're victims and only take can take care of them and I think that's such a dishonest way to do politics and I should be called out for it. Crenshaw is a former navy seal who lost his eye during a deployment to Afghanistan for USA Radio News..

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