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The top the big competitors well from Europe the winners was not from Europe either Europe a European stock you are verging on white nationalism my friend I want nothing to do with nationalism or anything like that we don't disavowed Heritz bet is not true I'll hold on a second you don't understand what you just said how ridiculous that Hussein both has European stock not all of them a mature you said the majority You're right no you're wrong you couldn't be more on how about the US men's basketball team is money's winner I say basketball I said when you said Olympic Winter fix just WanNa make we can all agree we disavow do we not disavow this is yeah we don't support this we don't support there you heard it right there that was a stop that I had a Colorado University Boulder but here's here's the lesson of this entire thing the left does not want conservatives to act racism they want us to become leftists because they believe that it is it is impossible for conservatives to be antiracist and also be conservatives they believe that being anti-racist the only way you can be against racism that you can be against hatred is to become a leftist so no matter how often is say on the record that I contend this ideology in fact the beginning remarks of my speech at University Nevada-reno I went out of my way to even said that say and let me just say I was there. there this is how hard is this is how absurd it's become Charlie responding to the protesters because he knew it was the elephant in the room he wanted to get it out of the way he wanted to address Congress yes so he was talking and he said you know listen hey I condemn this I believe in them I'm a Christian out of many one it's a Latin phrase I'm Christian I believe that God has made us all equal Blah Blah Blah goes through with the whole data as soon as he says this a group of protesters about four or five of them stand up with a pre made it was like what was some sort of sign that yeah they weren't Revolution Morad Silos it definitely looked like ANTIFA groups I can't say indeed but it was sort of orchestrate it was colluding stand up and they say no to hate notre KKK. You know that this whole chant right in the middle and the interrupt something that basically a thousand people showed up to to listen to and they interrupt in this happened on five different occasions so not Charlie Charlie quite rightly says do not hear what I just said and you know I mean people laugh I mean and and and if you actually sat down with one of these people and you nail it down and you say hey what do I actually have to do to prove I'm not a racist they will say oh become a leftist that's basically they don't want you they don't want you to not be racist they want they want to smear and Harnisch you to the point where where you are not allowed in a polite society or mainstream society right they want to they want to diminish your voice that's the whole point so Senator Kamala Harris Shame on you you're running for the presidency I don't think you know better actually I was GonNa say you know better you really don't but you now have put yourself into some potential illegal jeopardy for saying this and we are going to pursue some of those options because about time someone gets held accountable for this and I want you to understand the significance of this there's only one hundred. US senators out there she's of them there's only a couple of people running the Democrat nomination that way you can call them series top tier and she raised twenty plus million dollars I mean she's she has a serious following and yet she's single signaling out turning point USA so if you WANNA help us out a turning point USA we are under attack by the left Tepe USA dot com we appreciate the support also if you wanna see the upcoming tour dates when I go on campus US I'll be coming up to Grand Canyon University on the twenty-first Colorado State University on the Twenty Second University of Iowa on the Twenty Third University of New Hampshire on the twenty four th we have a western region Prince on the twenty fifth on the twenty six I'll be politic on that's all over which ones are Don Jr. going to be at Don Jr. will be at the twenty first at Grand Canyon University in the twenty second at Colorado ah university and what makes this show different Charlie Kirk show it makes our insights usually more accurate and why we predict things that are happening before is because we're on the front lines because I'm dealing with these activists looking into their eyes I see what drives what motivates them this is what makes things different at the Charlie Kirk show because we're at the front lines of culture war and kind of the Segue I very interest prediction about the two thousand twenty race I saw some things online I did some thinking reflecting in historical analysis I think a candidate is gonNA get really hot in the coming months that no one is really the people have forgotten about and some people might enter into the race before I get to that prediction according to a two thousand and three bureau of Justice study forty percent of all guns that were used in Funds were obtained illegally or three source under the forty percent were obtained through family or more recently in two thousand eight study in Pennsylvania came up with the exact same results seventy nine percent all perpetrators who committed a crime of the firearm didn't own legally crime especially violent crime is tragic that's a fact but we can't let fear and misinformation make it worse that's why the USCCA wants you to take your own self defense and the defense of your loved ones seriously I have to say I totally love the United States concealed carry association these are terrific people they love freedom they loved the constitution the understand natural rights I don't put my name behind a lot of organizations but this is one that I would put my name behind so you need to join the United States concealed carry association when you join them you'll get an instant access to the industry leading Self Defence Education Training and legal protection so plus this month giving away nineteen free chances to win a thousand dollars so it's like the Andrew Yang thing everyone thousand dollars kind of the Oprah thing for a defensive item of your choice when you activate your risk free membership texts Kirk K. I that's Kirk K. I r. k. this is totally free to eighty seven triple two eight seven to two right now to learn more and get your nineteen free chances to win texts Kirk K. arcade that's Kirk K. I r. k. two eighty seven triple two the Kleiner entries learn more Kirk to eighty seven triple two texting roles you into reoccurring automated text message message and data rates may apply come on one more rep you got this Ted there it is nice work you're a beast thanks man I feel better than I have in years and I gotTa tell you taking new Jenex makes a huge difference for me Nugenix that's the testosterone booster with TV ads with Frank Thomas the big hurt right Oh yeah this is a legit product the key ingredient is testifying which oops boost free testosterone levels increase lean muscle mass. Well it's clearly working for you here are they still giving complimentary bottles for people to try for themselves yeah Nugenix is a great increase lean muscle and feel stronger with more energy and endurance and I need to get a complimentary bottle of Nugenix you just got to send text text body to four two four two four right now for your complimentary bottle of Nugenix the number one selling free testosterone booster at GNC nugenix samples are not available in stores so text body four two four two four right now text b o d y Two four two four two four that's body to four two four two four questioned for the ants on this USCCA thing if you had a thousand dollars leave your comment in the Review Section what Handgun would you firearm would you recommend which is a nice segue if you haven't left a five star review if you haven't left comment recently on our podcast platform please do so we are surging in a very very unique way I have to say and so police do that very serious question I mean I'm I need a production for me family in the market I wanna get your guys thoughts on it totally so I have a prediction the two thousand twenty race who always liked to Kinda end our shows with the kind of twenty twenty update. and how things are going I have to say that you know our.

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