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Numbers for breezy inventor of simple green the iconic cleaning formula known around the globe try a simple green products today and if you're not a hundred percent satisfied I'll refund your money visit us at symbol green dot com welcome to dishing up nutrition with licensed nutritionists and dietitians from nutritional weight and wellness we explain the connection between what you eat and how you feel stay tuned for practical real life solutions for healthier living through real food nutrition you can dishing up nutrition facts you buy nutritional weight and wellness I'm Joanne right out I'm a registered and licensed dietitian and joining me as a co host is Caroline Hudson who's also a registered and licensed dietitian today we have the pleasure of having our local water expert Richard grassy owner of Richard's custom water systems with us he's here to share his expertise about the contaminants found in tap water and why it's so important to filter your water our goal this morning is to discuss a variety of information about the importance of water filtered water and today we are especially focusing on how drinking water helps with weight loss loss and why the quality of water is so important well good morning everyone Joanne I remember when you told us a story about your additional drinking water and extra glasses of water and how it helps you lose several pounds I know our listeners love love to hear some of ours testimonials and stories so would you mind sharing that with us sure I can do that in any traction for weight loss classes we give our class participants a handout that says water is the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off this handout has eight key biochemical reasons that drinking water supports weight loss so I thought to myself I'm going to test this information out so I added a couple extra glasses which is about three cups of water daily and the good news is in two weeks I lost four pounds I didn't change what I was eating I didn't.

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