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Environment the mass green summit is at emerson college and features discussions on passing local laws to reduce the amount of plastic bags bottled water and pesticides people attending are sharing stories and lessons learned from the past year as well as learning about new resources and best practices for new regulations and implementing those already adopted there were also be a panel on a proposal to raise income taxes on rich people living in massachusetts boston city councillors i on a presley and michelle wu as well as state senator james eldridge are scheduled to speak well we're hearing from one of the newest members of the senate democrat tina smith of minnesota was appointed to replace al franken who resigned over sexual misconduct allegations smith commenting on president trump's recent state of the union address says she liked what she liked what he had to say about fixing the nation's roads and highways with an infrastructure bill but she's got concerns about how the gop would pay for if the plan that the president and republicans in congress has congress unveils as little more than a give away to giant companies stand santa make huge profits you can count us out smith was lieutenant governor of that associate for three years when she was tapped by governor mark dayton to fill frank in seat wbz news time to thirty six a check of bloomberg business news next i'd like to take you on an audio tour this is dead ray first we're going to drive over a bridge spanning the cape cod canal in a few minutes will pass through the gated entrance of a private community with lovely homes you know where i'm going with this we have arrived at southport in mass be now make you a tool a reality and see southport for yourself southport developer.

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