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In the League and <hes> we've been going every single year in helping to kiss my hometown and other areas in Carolina in Carolina <hes> and green with South Carolina and then other places in Charlotte on Washington D._C.? And Florida and other places we go around and we try to help and touch others and kids kids and and we do a lot of things on even when mcallen Texas was out there and we'll over in flint and doing some things there as well and so we coming up with <hes> center that will were opening team center where we teamed up with boys and Girls Club America that will be groundbreaking <hes> come Monday twenty second so Rabi ribbon-cutting so it's going to be paid week for you you get a ribbon cutting and a groundbreaking and then <hes> opening of training camp for your eight season and yeah twenty four man is right around the corner seem so fast. Let's your number at is about look at their right. It's making connections dot connector. That's what I do. Cover people you jump over bulls. You live your life. You've finished second and dancing with the stars which was awesome. move the diets and I connect the dots and now you are leaderboard leader off so I'll take this though I'll say this. If you do connected is tell me how you missed the dots with those pictures back there well. We're going to connect dot again. You're hearing two thousand six. I didn't even even have a beer year old. We Okay we've started. We've started just in the past year and a half all right. That's alive so you know what we're going to take a picture photographs going on the wall. I thought it was buried in there. We all we are better than that. Jon Snow up there he just starting to long ago like you just had him on a show. We a he's up there. We who who's John Snow. He's definitely on the line. I can't play we made for me like and that was on your guests. Our show I that is true. True Okay so we're about to take a photo and it's going to go on the wall. I mean you know you're one of my favorite Josh Norman at J. Underscore no twenty four and underscore on instagram twitter instagram. Go follow that I to learn more about stars with the Z. Twenty Four Josh Norman's program good to see mad always good. Let's chat throughout the season matriculate your way you only face the entire N._F._C. Three of the first four weeks right out of the gate and then you gotTa Chicago home date on on Monday night football. That's your September. I know where I is fast. It's common is I know and July is almost over. That's Josh Norman Right here. On the rich Eisen show Jay bilas still to gum eight four four four rich number to dial wild night in baseball -ASEBALL will hit some of that when we come back stay tuned for sixty seconds A._B._C. News headlines Right after this podcast get Bill Wing.

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