Dr King, President Trump, United States discussed on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer


The question was looming and i had asked the nwpp what is the definition of a racist and they said would racial prejudice and power meat and that begs the question so today you know understanding this was a moment to stay on for this proclamation in in in naming the martin luther king national site to historic park um um having the present speak about that and talk about the day of service some for martin luther king day and then dr ben carson speaking and then the nephew of dr king it was hard but the question had to be asked him in you you it was such irony there you had a celebration for a man of peace who wanted inclusion who wanted first class citizenship for this nation and then i had to ask a united states president are you a racist would you apologized for those statements it was is a sad day and it's hard i mean this is not anything to to jump for joy about your nose difficult for you to even raise those issues raised those questions with the president of the united states the nabe you're you're on our white house correspondent there's a history now for this president of racially charged comments let me put some of them up on the screen up the president obama was not born in the united states some mexican immigrants are rapist calls for a short shutdown of muslims entering the united states attacks on a us judge of mexican heritage very fine people among the white supremacist and neonazis in charlottesville uses the term polka harness new york.

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