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From there. Here's John Hickenlooper a centrist governor of Colorado when he was there, who governed and quite successfully with Republicans who control this state legislature. At least for the first part of his term gets booed, when he says, socialism, isn't the answer. Well, this is the problem. The Democrats have is they have been moving towards socialism. Bernie Sanders, right? Near the top of the pole who is not a registered democrat who is more of a in that socialist camp. And believe me, Republicans are going to go out remind people, what socialism is, and what the policy and platform is of the Democrats Hickenlooper, I think made a calculated move in that audience. But that's a radical group of socialists in part that was there in California. Well, I know you must be wanting to respond to that. But, I mean, the fact is we keep hearing a look Democrats, what they care about. I'm talking about voters. Now what they care about most is beating Donald Trump care about that more than ideological. Purity, and then you get to a convention and here's John Hickenlooper. And he says socialism, isn't the answer and he gets booed. Well, first of all, where was the he's at the California state democrat convention? So it's a very liberal group in, in San Francisco. So it's a very liberal group of people, I would say, more liberal far left, but the big point to me is that Republicans want to paint Democrats as social somewhat Hickenlooper, went on to say, as we can't let Republicans painted into a corner, would put us at a disadvantage in states like Wisconsin, and Michigan hard working people who would say, hey, what's this socialism about, but the reality is? And this is what Hickenlooper also said, Chris, that we need to achieve Democrats need to achieve progressive goals because the American people, not only do they like the idea of dealing with income, inequality, specifically high levels of student debt problems with the healthcare system. And of course, we have things like Medicare and social security. It's not socialism. Those are means of moderating the. Excesses of capitalism and Democrats in this era of income, inequality want to deal with those issues. So Hickenlooper is right. It's just that when you start using the term socialism, I think you are caving to the caricature that Republicans are painting, Democrats say, though, I mean brother.

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