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Eric thomas. It's race line radio network. Latest news and opinion. And here we go for you on the line race. Rob IndyCar, and of course, the one hundred and third running of the Indianapolis five hundred and from the poll, Frenchman Simon passionately leads more than half of the two hundred laps and the five hundred mile distance for his first Indy five hundred win number eighteen for team owner Roger Penske passion to throw his bright, yellow Dila Chevy all over the race track to hold off. Alex Rossi though in a thrilling thirteen lap sprint to the finish Rossy settled for second former winner to Masada was third. A late race red flag played right into passions plans as he was having to save fuel candidates, James Hinchcliffe from the last row battled back to wind up eleventh. That's not bad hard, charger of the race easily coming up on our second guest segment, going to wire in Toronto Star wheels ace scribe, and fellow Canadian motorsport hall of Famer Norris McDonald live from the Brickyard for his analysis of the classic dandy. It was Indy lights that IMS rookie winds here floor. Oliver ask you with former guest Canada's dot and Kellet fifth pro two thousand series at nearby Clermont, Indiana. The David Steel carbonite classic another rookie. Daniel frost winds. Canada's Parker Thomson, tenth atop ten is pretty good too. Oh, IndyCar, schilling, the new fangled windshield. See this thing at cockpit protection to be used starting in twenty twenty. We'll have more on this in detail next week. But the driver seem to like the design at least they're going to test, it lots formula. One. Yes. Still the odds still true grand prix of, Monaco, Monte Carlo slow tight impossibly cramped, but still one of their best another easy one, though for England's Lewis Hamilton stretching his points advantage after finding often having a little contact with red match for stopping for his fourth win of the season. For Lewis, an emotional weekend from Reseda really following the death of Nikki Lauda Lewis Hamilton honored the three time world champion in style by going lights to flag for the win Ferrari Sebastian battle, second Voltaire boathouse. Third, and the other Merck Canada's Lance stroll was up to eleven at one point. But sixteenth at the end out of the points again, sadly. F one points in the Canadian Grand Prix. Montreal for TSN six ninety. Yes, just about already here Hamilton leading BOTAS by seventeen drivers. But here's the telling one Mercedes leads Ferrari continued to be confused. It's a one hundred eighteen point gap in the constructors fight, F one, file. We did mention this. But how sad we've lost legend and icon, Andreas nNcholas louder in his seventieth year after this. You know, just after his lung transplant religious shortly after lingering damage after that terrible fire field crash at the seventy six German Grand Prix that scarred him so terribly Nikki Lauda one three f one championships as we said, one with McLaren and two with Ferrari, current Ferrari, pilots fashion Vedder, like many in the F, one family, shattered by the loss of this amazing and beloved Austrian, I think sometimes people not think he was telling the truth, even though he was very outspoken, a true.

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