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Jacobs now she goes up top 3pointer is an error bad news kept alive because he could draw ira to doubt gilbert has the fact with eight on this here's gilbert left side gilbert's walloped up or just inside the foul line is good tough side tomorrow ali did a nice job of helping out gutter gutter hand up that was just a really get offense and move roadrunners lee twenty seven twenty six one fifty left the play your and our first that's what the basketball the gigs djikic dr deke now back over desserts set slept way with all the clock jack tickets now in how bad mobile jacobs add however does that's that's insight say today over how a look at row detected sick the lane rubik no it bought a curbing award proceeding paul it beats the ball comes back to the roadrunners johnson left the boy really thanked at a great opportunity to create that out to how knitting their nearby that threepoint line uber with the basketball big play now by jenkins for the miners fourteen on the clock gilbert way that guilty still inside the key now mchenry has it right baseline back out again rate website hillberg poor terrible and hit the ball apart let's put their final opportunity in the post escobar thirteen sets all going to say the foul line ribs oh the gilbert's uber with with japanese uber day now if they way uh williams a saudi air airball anyway sandy weill could is through the first half were the road route is now join nato and tep accused john kerry to an gilbert made a very poor play i mean was watching the clock he just kinda miss calculated how much time she's gonna take they really could have gotten a better shots than they did but i thought that uh he i also think tumor saeb that a little quick though wasn't the best look at the other end but she was wide open so i guess you know what can you say to that it was a wild finish you see a few teams is looking a little wider abdul el and at times playing super sloppy governor baker is going to be looking for answers here at the second arab bachelor's shore shows bitterest ri do quarters.

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