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The forecast Now, Dan Bruneau off his in all the TV stations getting the Arctic blast graphics ready for this weekend polar vortex coming to a theater near you. Yeah. We'll get an Arctic blast. But it's not gonna last long. The wind flow is a little more east northeasterly west-northwesterly. So a lot of this. Colder air is going to be pushed off to the east rather quickly will be arriving here early Saturday morning. I enjoy decent weather now. We'd have some clouds roll in behind a weak front. Temperatures anywhere from forty nine to fifty three now no precipitation showing up on radar and I'm not expecting any today. Sun will come back from west to east this afternoon. The clouds move out higher of right around fifty nine forty five or some patchy dense fog tomorrow morning. That'll burn off at the clouds will roll in from the west rather quickly, mild sixty five of a lot of wind from the south. Those winds will shift to the north west before daybreak on Saturday, and we'll have some showers and some rumbles of thunder could be some strong storms just east of Dallas with some small. Hale, but not concerned about severe weather here. Bigger concern will be the colder. Air temperatures falling through the thirties all day, Saturday, wind chills will be in the low twenty s by evening could even be a few flurries around early afternoon. Otherwise, decreasing clouds twenty five to forty two. Our temperature spread on Sunday, but wind chill Sunday morning. Heading out to church or running out. I will be the teens layer up right now. Clouds rolling through the area. Forty eight in Roanoke forty-nine here that KRLD news, traffic and weather all day. Listen anytime, anywhere. Download the radio dot com app and favorite NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD. Nine twenty one. Now, did you know space x is developing some out of this world technology in Texas Carolis, John little has more. The Lone Star state has always been a big player in the space race. And that tradition continues. In south Texas, SpaceX is developing and we'll test it's ship that they plan to send to the moon and Mars, a silver rocket glistening from the sun on Boca Chica beach near Brownsville. It's called the super heavy rocket one of the most powerful ever built it'll help the vehicle called starship leave the atmosphere in starship would carry passengers to the destination. Whether it be the moon Mars, maybe points.

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