Mark Penn, Turley, Spivey discussed on The John Batchelor Show


And i won't just say trump supporters you know mark penn just going crazy over all of this is a former clinton adviser you know dershowitz going crazy over it he didn't vote for trump turley crazy over it he didn't vote for for for for trump and so sure you have trump people but you also have people that are concerned with the abuse of power in our government the abuse of power in in law enforcement something that you and i have said we had we got a call friday somebody said well what if it's a republican we said who's the spivey said that doesn't matter it doesn't matter as a matter that's part of the who if there was an abuse of power who's in power who was immune and and who in any position of authority was responsible for that abuse that's the question i mean if you if you're talking about the the dossier that's one thing the dossier whether it was filled with bogus information or or true information if we're talking about opposition research that ended of itself is nothing out of the ordinary and is not unlawful the unlawful part potentially is if someone in any position of power ordered everything that led up to the the pfizer warrants or the spy being put in place by the fbi in the trump campaign i guess my my question for many democrats should be are you okay with this as long as it's trump right is an abuse of power when it's donald trump that you're going after him and why.

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