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Programs, including the $300 a week federal bump up to state jobless benefits. More than seven million Americans could lose nearly all of their benefits. A standoff in Polk County, Florida has ended with sheriff's deputies, wounding and arresting a man. Who allegedly shot and killed four people, including a three month old baby is not enough. Adjectives are descriptive to point out how angry I am with him or how sad I am for the family share of Grady Judd says The suspect was dressed in camouflage and heavily armed. Week after hurricane eye to slam the Louisiana coast power is slowly being restored the number of parishes that are hovering right at 100%. How did Governor John Bel Edwards says there are nearly 600,000 outages in Louisiana, New York Governor Kathy Huckle asking that her state be declared a federal disaster area? After the deadly flooding from Ida's remnants. Daria Aldinger ABC News Homo news 1000 FM, 97 7. Good evening I'm Kelly Blair with the top local stories from the Como 24 7 News Center. We're in the middle of another holiday weekend. Will we see another covid spiked following it? Cuomo's Nick Pompom reports. Doctors are concerned. The last thing doctors want to see is even more people needing to go to the hospital because of the virus, considering most staffed beds are still occupied. The way I've urge you to think about this is this is really like World War. Two people are often war. Dr. Lawrence Neville is the chief medical officer for Peace Health Medical Group. He's hoping that people decide to be selfless this holiday season and stay at home or socially distant from others to try and make this holiday aftermath different from others In this pandemic. We are.

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