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I'm curious you went from online two now brick and mortar and you're growing quite a bit throughout the united states. What went off in your head to say. Hey we need to have brick and mortar locations because a company that came out. That was taking you know a storm with online and digital footprint shipping out glasses. Now it's hey. Let's let's do brick and mortar supper. Back what what made that change take place. Yesterday it really came down to listening to our customers and So when we we launched We were still full-time students. Working out of our apartments But we recognize that we only had one opportunity to launch a brand a designer brand and We worked with a publicist. Who able to meetings with the right editors g. q. In vogue and we were able to launch with great features and and both of those magazines and immediately put us on the map and the world was very different back then at two thousand ten. Instagram didn't even exists Back asking people were discovering brands and very different ways We did get a lot of attention online through facebook and twitter and all the sudden These articles were being shared and we ended up hitting our first year sales targets in three weeks. We had weightless of twenty thousand customers We thought we were We had this great triumph program that would let people try and glasses and then we just didn't have any inventory for i nine months of business to shift glasses out And so we started getting calls from people we were based in philly at the time And people called in said. hey. I read about unique. You are vogue. I tried to order trion. But there's this massive waiting list. Can i come to your store. Your office to try on glasses said well Store and office is my apartment but come on over and We had strangers coming into our apartments and we laid out the glasses on our dining table and we were at first a little hesitant. This new york. You have people come to your apartment. Just random folks just covered trial or glasses. This was in philadelphia. Okay that's better right. Yeah it's all about that's crazy but yeah we. We found that people love the experience. They love meeting behind the brand and we learn so much from those interactions around which frames people gravitated towards which ones they tried on versus which ones they actually ended up buying. They give us a ton of feedback on what they were looking for and so When we graduated and moved to new york We got an office on near union. Square on sixteenth street is the sixth floor of a commercial building with no china. Jn we said well..

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