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Right. Got laid down to sleep. Began the nightmare. St. How about that? That's fresh Princeton DJ jazzy, Jeff with nightmare on my street, and Robert Englund does make an appearance on that song. So Elton John is this weekend tonight and tomorrow, you think Elton Jim is going to get any idea. I think maybe I think maybe. Oh, we got more texts from our comedy groups out there. Eight one five area code said. This is about that the diaper story, which is the dummy of the week. The judge says you're in big trouble. Joey, oh, says I loves me diaper diaper jokes. Does it does it say anything that two days ago? We did a half an hour on farting. And now we're doing we're doing twenty minutes on diaper soiled diapers. That were consistent. Hey, eight four seven erica's. Hey, talk about your your crappy situation. Our? Six zero eight area code says the TV report on that story. Probably read there's been a rash of diaper. Dump ings. Our? And Liu says, I heard the diaper guy only dumped the bags on the. The third of every. All right. That's a good one. That's also that's also by the way. That's also that could be a hawks reference to so nice. Nice job. One more before we get out of here. The classic. The..

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