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Rice's town forty nine downtown Baltimore fifty five degrees all the morning drive with Casey and Ali some of the stories we're talking about this morning city council president Brenda Scott is calling on mayor Jack young's administration to ensure full funding for Baltimore fire companies we cannot repeat the mistakes of the past we cannot go back to closing the fire companies cutting critical services to the city of Baltimore especially doing this and then read this gotten three council members say the revised budget for the year proposes relocating personnel for two fire companies to reduce spending but they argue essential services must be fully funded a builder of a Pimlico and laurel now a law after the governor declined to veto the measure and he declined to sign the measure of the racing and really develop an active twenty twenty calls for up to three hundred and seventy five million dollars in bonds to be issued with at least a hundred and eighty million dollars in bonds earmarked to renovate Pimlico and ensure the Preakness Stakes will stay in Baltimore Morgan state university were receiving half a million dollars five hundred thousand Bucks in federal funding to support the work to preserve its memorial chapel window of the grant is in the National Park Service it's part of nearly eight million dollars in funding awarded to historically black colleges and universities to preserve historic structures and many Marylanders are spending their days now now that we're allowed in the sunshine yes it was a great day for the activities include tennis recreational boating fishing and golf are among.

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