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The tournament itself did not even mention once this explosive accusation against him that was backed by various well known poker pros that had analysed the whole thing. I would think that would be worth mentioning. They don't have to take position. They're not worried about getting sued. They they could say that. Daniel coleman said on twitter on this date. That sentence has happened and said that perry did this to him and such and such other people came out to support. It and perry has not commented on this. They can say that. That's not making any kind of statement about perry or making any kind of assertion about him saying that coleman said this about him and that others were backing it up in poker we that sure. That's exactly what happened. They don't have to take a position but they're choosing not to. Which is weird. So first card player wouldn't take a position on it and now we have Pocket fives doing the same thing on a podcast and at first i thought that he had appeared on this podcast but he didn't. This is a podcast from june eighth. This is hosted by last bradley and donnie. Peters land bradley formerly a bluff and donnie peters formerly of poker news. These are veterans of poker media. And i'm very surprised that they didn't bring this up. If you're going to talk about sean. Perry and here. They're not just giving like tournament results here. They're discussing him as a poker player and the way the community is reacting to hip..

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