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But now he's jumped over this thing, and that's a twenty five cent tokens. You gotta pay. Right. Even when he's running from the law. He breaks the law. They love him jumping over that turnstile thing there. I like to think about all those shots. I was just watching a team last night. And they do the member this shot. Whenever the troops. Like someone sounds the alarm for the troops. They teams here. Get battle stations tight shot of guys boots and feet running out of quarters. Just just need down running. I don't know why they needed that shot. Maybe they didn't wanna pay for the whole uniform. I love when filmmakers are influenced by previous films. And. Yeah. Repeat those as though well that's got to be in there for doing a scene like this requirement that we include the shots. Yes. I love. But so Billy Dee Williams and Stallone chase Rutger Hauer, and how winds up with a woman, I think, you know, his arm around her neck so that they can't take the shot and Stallone Billy Dee Williams. Both have guns drawn. They are literally eight inches away from each other. They may be physically touching the two police partners both have their guns trained at Rutger Hauer. And they're all take the shot take the shots. Delone Stallone has has a spiritual issue. He doesn't want to be a killer anymore. He was he was trained killer back when he was a soldier. But now he doesn't like he's not what he's he didn't join the fourth kale, right, but Billy Dee Williams and a few minutes later without getting into to involve gets a knife from. Our along the cheekbone, and and Stallone's worried about his partner and Billy Dee Williams doesn't care about that. He says you should have taken the shot. Yeah. And Stallone's haunted. He should've taken the shot. Hey, billy. Dee would what do you take the shot? You right there. Yeah. That kind of a messed up, Gary. Where'd you go? Give me a play that scene for me. Now, this is one of my favorite movie tropes that I suspect is never happened in real man. You have is you had this ready. Yeah. I pulled this as it from Nighthawks. Yes. This is one of my favorite. No. We're gonna talk about Nighthawk. Here. We got transferred. No. It'll be honest with you could take shell weakness. People around. Silva? Josh it into the army over sixty nine evill school accepted by of this kind of school assigned fest. It's incest cover division much. Because. Statistic is fifty two just Kans. That's a great movie said nobody said that you adapted to pulling the trigger. Somebody could do an entire movie because you can combine that with first blood where they're reading. Yeah. Is you could just make a new movie of them reading about his character? That happens to Hackman as coach Norman, Dale. What's her name re Barbara Hershey reads article to him who in what people ever just sit while you're in the room with the person and just read their resume to them. That's a great move that happens in movies all the time. Well, the only time it's something like that has happened to me close to it. One of the satis moments in my career was. Me. We we. Agreed. I agreed. I was doing a show in Boston or something. And you know, Mike August who basically just chases Nichols around the country. Had booked at Mansfield university, which is like deep, Pennsylvania and Mansfield, Pennsylvania. And it was I'm from there have never heard of Mansfield. But okay, you can find Mansfield college, deep, Pennsylvania. I think it's in Pennsylvania. Anyway. We flew in during the dead of winter snowing. Thick snow the only place to stay as just a bad like Certa one single single-story like comfort inn, motel where all the leather neck guys, everyone there's into shale oil fracking, whatever it's all oil country or something like that. So it's like snowing and all these trucks parked fact guys have boots helping theirselves from the Buffy Mansfield university of Pennsylvania. I don't know how far away is. I don't know how many miles north on the New York border..

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