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Unfolds before I get into that subject to you. I just wanted to let the folks know that You know certain things were happening here in Nevada and Eventually Governor Steve to making a address to the entire state at six o'clock on Tuesday and He was pretty adamant when he was asked to getting again about the closures. A this is a very serious pandemic and should be taken seriously by all sorts not Nevada but throughout the country. And I know from dealing in talking with Some of the casino managers At at first they tried to stay. Open up there doing everything. They could to disinfect. All the machines and the seating and the restaurants and shows one by one you can see the because of lack of people coming out Show started closing. The restaurant started closing Than the sports board went completely dark because the the league colleges suspended or cancelled their activity and I know from horse racing point of view. I was Kinda hoping going into Wednesday. Steve that We would still be able to use the phone. Apps because that's not include a social gathering It was using your your cell phone or mobile APP to continue to bet on horse racing. I think thank goodness there. Are some racetrack still operating Sans Fans but The final chip fell Late yesterday when Gaming Control Board said no When when the came down all gaming machines were to close at midnight on Tuesday that included All the cell phones and Mobile APPS that people use here in Nevada for sports in for offices as far as The Kentucky Derby moving to September fifth. That's a well I obviously. I heard determined. She seen the term used multiple times. Many Times uncharted wearing unchartered waters. And so You know I applaud the strength of the decisions by Churchill downs by Keelan to cancel their meeting. That's that's an incredible piece of news. We'll be talking about her generations on forward that Kenyans one of the strongest was popular race. Meets the country actually not run? It is a really really a cup filled us while let the you know for the Derby moved to September fifth Personally I don't have an issue with it. These are trying times. And they're doing the best they can to keep the tradition going at least having in addition to the Kentucky Derby It will obviously change the triple crown as we know it at least for one year because now the races eventually when we find out what Naira GonNa do at the Belmont stakes What the stronach group and Pimlico is GonNa do the preakness We actually the triple crown races in quote out of order. But it's not the first time the triple crowns been run out of order so Historical they in front of me but It has not always been Derby preakness. Belmont so not real interesting to see as we progress houses on the two races fit into the schedule and that I know there are certain Fluid situations with -portant three year old races. And what's going to happen with them and you know what the processes are you talking about like after the Belmont usually the the big race coming up next the hassles invitational the mom. Nothing you got the travers of course at Saratoga. They got the Jim Dandy racist like that that are going to now be an interesting situation. Churchill. I had read that. They're considering possibly adding more point races. Yeah so then. Some of these races are going to be key races and trying to make the Kentucky Derby field so there's fluid movement there. It'll be interesting to see how this progressive regimen for you. You know you've got Santa Anita even with the limited schedule that they've been running And they've got very nice card setup for Saturday. I haven't had a chance to even mentioned. And we've been so focused a little bit the starting to arc toward covering fairgrounds and the Louisiana Derby Day action but Saturday the San Simeon and the Saint. Louis Ray as well on Saturday Santa. Anita in fact is a very when you sit down to handicap You probably haven't gotten to it yet. But the the TURF SPRINT. San Simeon got very strange circumstance seven Horsfield and all but one of them making their seasonal debut and integrated steak. I I can't have it. It's what is it march it so it's ten ten eleven weeks into the season can't recall at at this kind of a juncture seeing so many six out of seven that are making a seasonal debut. Morad Khan for Doug O'Neill second of start off the claim and one nice allowance sprint shortening up to five and a half off the off the claim for fifty He's got form us. A seven year old veteran by Raven's. Pass everybody else sparky bill making the four year. Old debut for Bondi. Wesley Ward sends out bound for nowhere for his six-year-old debut. Sy- Stran- for Sadler and around making the six year old debut. Peter Miller got surrender now the morning. Line Mayor She gets in at one sixteen. She's making her five year old debut Voodoo song the Longtime Linda Rice Trainee. Very Schwartz send out to Mandela. The supposed to try to fashion him maybe into A SPRINT TURF sprinter. He's making his six year old debut and King of speed for Bondi last seen in the La Hoya So it's a weird I. I can't ever remember seeing that many horses making seasonal debuts in one great at stake like that they just unusual. I have not.

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