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So forgetting about the Bernie and sit when you're on a very three one year. It's been for another one. You know, it's been crazy to to other things that that I look back, and I go man, I really am the Forrest Gump of entertainment. This this time last year. I sang at massive square, Billy, Joel. That's right. I just finished torn with Metallica. What's going on my gut? And you had sex to one one. With Jennifer Lopez alongside Alex Rodriguez. Tri factor. You see George Billy. You really had a wonderful life. God. So listen the Mets. So what are we gonna know? Stoning Dykstra controversy being the long die hard met band. Did you want? What do you think about all that nonsense? This is what I think there's a couple of things here. Ron Ronnie clearly knows how to sell a book that's number one number two. If I was Dykstra. I wouldn't even get involved. I mean, I get why he's mad. I don't think I love her underling. He didn't meet listen. If I if you heard so many things here. I know the way I was back then. The end of my street at the end of my street was in all black neighborhood. And if I want to over there against show, you no one ever said, oh, how old there, Mr James? Roar. Very nice things said to me. So that's what they and same with me. I had different thoughts back then you grow. You change you grow up. Now. That's number one number two. You can't tell me dykes to a guy like that. You had both sides like that again. I'm sure oil can Boyd at the time wasn't going. I really appreciate your comments. Listen, you can keep it to the Mets. You remember? Jim Bo you remember the the back and forth between Donald strawberry. And Wally Backman, even during the team photo. They got into a fight. That's right. So I mean, we get it. It happened back. Then you're I am mortified of just some of the thoughts. I used to have that. I have no problem putting out there because I believe and in growing in your life. Whether you had prejudice thoughts any thoughts juvenile thoughts. I mean, come on. In the eighties. A twenty year old kid. Let's say he did do it. Please. It's the last the last thing on my radar. I'm not I'm not saying he should have. But it's we're selling a book here at the end of the day. There was a low blow by darling to put it out there. I would say anyway, I I agree. I agree. I love Ronnie. I think runs a class act. I'm a little taken back that he it's almost like he had a personal agenda. And maybe does maybe there's a little anger, personal agenda. Way getting Adam you don't know. But yeah, he didn't have to do that. Oh. Portland. He's in and out of jail. He's missing does. He need right. Rennies? I mean, it's like kicking a homeless guy. Why would? Say there, but for the grace of God, it can be living downstairs at Penn station, this Portland, he Dykstra guy. Hey, look, Jim brewer also I saw where you rumbling with Chris wideman, the UFC former champion I mean to add to your Forrest Gump a lifestyle, and it was pretty pretty rough. Yeah. He didn't know, you know, what the worst part of that was. You know, we're working out. And he's show me fighting. He was a little impressed by some fighting skills. He forgot I grew up south shore white trash Long Island. Yeah. Right on the right on the borderline Rosedale. Anyway, the worst part about that. He wanted me to get in the tub. And I gotta say I had hard time convincing me get in there. I got in there. And I was in there at least ten minutes, ten minutes. Wow. Pure ice tub, all the way up to my neck, and I gotta say it I pulled it off. And that's something to do with the Mets Cantu. Boy, if you're if you if you're eighty you get an ice thing, it was a miracle. Don't worry about this shrinkage. Yeah. See one of the things. I'm actually a little upset that the Mets are good. I love the Mets as much as you do Jimmy and there's three in one store and asks me really excited. But I gotta tell you that when the Mets are not playing. Well, there is nothing better than going on social media. And seeing you Jim put together one of these ranting, raving maniacal crazy videos. Those are going to disappear a good this year. Jimmy, well, yeah. Eventually, they might but we'll see right now, they you know, we're four games in last year. I already had them winning the World Series. So did every other men make a good point? That's right for the for the met fans are excited about this three in one start. They were eleven and one last year easy. Yeah. I think we even the fifteen three at one point. And then it just turned pure ugly. Don't difference between last year, and this year is they do have a lot more depth and the kids there's a lot of kids on this team. And the kids are really they're good. They're season. And again, four games in. I've learned as a met fan. Now. I'll start getting excited in the end of August. And we're. Ten games up in the NFL. Right. So I just want to enjoy a great baseball season. That's all I wanna do I want. I don't wanna go through another year of of you know, why can't you? Yes. We want some meaningful. Embody violent because we don't need that. We don't want that so much on the way out thirty seconds to go to prove your autumn. It love to Bernie and said, here's a scenario, Jim, bro. You're ready. Here's a scenario. Bernie two tickets box seats to omit Yankee game downstairs in queens. And we want you to come sit with us the same exact game. Same exact game. Tickets just as good boomer and geo have two tickets box seats, queens, they want you to come watch the game with them. Do you can stop now? Oh, good. I I I love boomer GIO. I got nothing against him. But come on. You're sitting there you're at my house. Jay brewer. You know, I'm driving you to the game. That's a homeboy right there. Strong island in the house. Hey breuer. Thanks bye. Look, he's got the all new comedy album Jim alive from Portland Friday, April fifth two drops, folks. And it's going to be hilarious. It's all over the place X, Sirius XM Andorra's Spotify. I tunes a Jimmy. Thank you once again for appearing on our one year anniversary show, we really love you got it, man. I'll pick you up at ten in the morning. Hey, we're going Thursday. So actually, I texted after the show and also thank you. Jim Breuer was great. You know, we go from one die hard met fan. Coming up in about fifteen minutes. A diehard Yankee fan such a die-hard bandy sat in the stands last night freezing his ass off. But if you know Chazz Palminteri, you know, much how much he loves the New York Yankees. So next hour chance Palminteri and Bill o'riley as a one year anniversary Bernie continues only right here on seventy seven.

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