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Look this morning driving downtown this morning. You're struck by just how many National Guard troops are still here in the district this morning. Really every intersection along L street and the numbered streets in northwest. You have a presence and you can't really drive anywhere south of there. At this point, I was able to walk down 16 Street as far as K. There are still a lot of fencing up at this intersection here, D C has said the goal is to have the whole central business district up and running again by tomorrow. There's still a lot of work to be done here in the National Guard troops you see here this morning could still be here for another few days after this downtown John Dome and W T O P News of drivers coming into D C area also still dealing with some road closures this morning, But this isn't gonna last for long. Most will reopen by six o'clock this morning. The theater Roosevelt Bridge in the 14th Street Bridge. Traffic into D. C is still being restricted, and there's no traffic in either direction at the Arlington Memorial Bridge. There are still commercial traffic restrictions on other bridges. But local traffic is being allowed to cross into D C. And that includes South Capitol Street in 11 Street Bridge is that John Phillips Susan Key Bridges are open to all traffic, and there are no more restrictions at the third Street Tunnel. Check back on the AIDS for the latest on reopening roadways, all throughout D. C. Well as for pedestrian traffic. People are being told to stay off the streets of D. C during yesterday's inauguration, but they're worse in several small pockets of people who did decide to make their way to the capital to celebrate groups of people here for Inauguration Day is a drum corps showed up behind this near the north side of the Capitol, otherwise very small numbers of books going up because many were told to stay away. One because of security reasons, and the other because of covert 19 way, spoke to one.

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