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The briefing that's going on no regarding the train derailment they were talking about removing the locomotive this was a representative of the washington state patrol and that should be able to be done with pass over there we should be able to raise it of eta's safely across our streets right now with the movement of this tractor or of the locomotive at this is now going to finally give us access to areas of the road into debris that we did not have access to early so even if we were able to remove that locomotive right away there is still going to be some road closure time as dot completes its repairs on the roadway and we removed degree uh out of the area once we are ready to move that locomotive which we are anticipating to be shortly after nine o'clock this morning uh we are gonna move at northbound in the southbound lanes again up to the still com dupont road there will be a temporary full road closure of i five while we cross with the locomotive across the leads to take that exit onto that uh still could do pont road this stoppage on i five should be momentarily or a very small in time our thinking hopefully five to ten minutes once we get onto silk can do pont road though at the local residents need to be aware we are going to own that road we're going to have to block all access to it and stopped traffic as we knew that to its final location on jblm we anticipate being able to move that locomotive about ten miles an hour and i believe the route uh is roughly four to five miles long so we are hoping to have a minimal impact but there is still going to be impacted traffic this more at do you have any questions for me.

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