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Supposed to hire won't go out and find some wild papal why do you find people you've got people come in you to be clear the fact that so few local workers in the plants today patten martha don't entirely lane the company's for that today pat no longer believes there was a sign on the border they say it was a mixture of things their peers started to retire out and their kids don't look at the plant were kids encounter graduating high school had other options from work and they said some locals just didn't want to come to work at a place that's mostly latino but at the same time they're convinced that there were periods for the company's did preferentially higher latino workers in fact is it really was harder for local workers to get a job than had been in the past padonmar thin other locals were right about that latino workers would line up at two in the morning for job application but the time local workers showed up the jobs would be taken and the company's got pick year plants added a 'threestrikes policy and they tried to stick to it but if he quit threetimes big aren't gonna hire you again the old niro dates were over you could some of the last quarter century at the albertville chicken plants this way chicken boomed foreigners arrived in wages didn't grow at least for patten martha even though poultry companies made huge profits during the boom again here's pat you that you realise have been nerve 44 years increased by 44 years and i'm just now mike levin mouney that you will work in there for more than forty years endured at eleven 85 have have.

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