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Think that was my guess. Rebecca Luker recorded in June, singing the drum current song, Not you. And in the months Since then her a less rigorous disease has progressed and At this point, Becca, you you're saying you You can't really sing anymore. Or you don't have enough breath or diaphragm support to do that, right? Sadly for you, and for all of us who love your singing. Like me. What So, you know, also with us is Danny Burstein, who is this six time Tony nominee, Rebecca lookers. Three time Tony nominee and So, Danny, we've been saying that you got covered shortly after Moulin Rouge closed on Broadway because there was a suspected case of Cove it that turned out to be a real case of covert. And then you Got it soon after. What are the eyes that Moulin Rouge will ever reopened? I mean, it's it's a seems like a really expensive Lavish musical. And you know Broadway hope financially. Who knows what Broadway's future is going to be? It may take a while. I mean, they said in the most recent press release that we should be back June 1st. But you know even that We're unsure of that. You know, I'm sure of anything right now. When it comes to when will things we open? It's true they're gonna have to set up new protocols for theatergoing. Or think of new ways to get the show's out to people. There is a need. There's a desperate need for people to experience art again. For ideas and and entertainment on that kind of energy. That only happens from a live experience. There is a deep need for that. A human desire and we're going to try and figure out some way of making that happen. And that's for Moulin Rouge coming back. Our producers are intrepid. And they are really in it for the long haul and we will be back. I'm sure we will be one of the shows that will return. Yes, it is expensive, but They're they're committed to keeping the show open and one way or another, we will be back. Okay. Well, good luck. With the Tony nominations, and I will be thinking of you both. Thank you so much for this conversation and for sharing so much with us. Thank you. Lovely talking to you, Terry. Our thanks to Danny Burstein and Rebecca Luker. Tomorrow on fresh air. Our guests will be filmmaker Craig Foster. His new documentary. My Octopus teacher is about a year Foster spent diving off the coast of South Africa into a kelp forest. There. He gained the trust of a wild octopus that taught him about its life and foster zone. I hope you'll join us. Fresh air's executive producer is Danny Miller, our technical director and engineers. Sergey Bentham. Our interviews and reviews have produced and edited.

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