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8 6 6 talk gun. I'm Tom Gresham. Yeah, we had Jerry Nadler saying, that's the point. The whole idea is to ban or to confiscate guns that are in common use. Hard to imagine he doesn't understand that the Supreme Court said you can't ban guns that are in common use. But maybe he knows that he's got something else in mind. Who knows? It's hard to figure this one thing out. And I was talking about your homework assignment, all of us. Every single one of us. They should do that. It's I will do that. I mean, you just heard interview with Rick actor. He read the story, saw the story about this one we had raped and murdered. He said, we have to do something about it. And it wasn't like they have to do something about it. Rick looked at I will do something about it and he started, he has trained over 11 years, tens of thousands of women who shot the gun for the first time. Who've been made safe, at least around guns, they know how to handle him. Can we can you can I do any less than that? On this particular issue, this bill has moved out of committee, headed toward the floor of the House of Representatives in Congress. It is a gun ban. It's a supposedly bans assault weapons. But it bans a whole bunch of semi-automatic rifles, and oh yeah, it also banned me automatic pistols and also banned semi-automatic shotguns, but they don't want to talk about that because they don't want you to know what they're banning. It really takes a couple of minutes, it's really easy to find a phone number you call The White House switchboard, say, hey, I live in Idaho. I live in Montana. I live in New Jersey. Well, might not be worth your time there. Who knows? Who are my Congress people? Who are my representatives? And I would like to be connected to them. You will get a legislative aid on the phone, who say, I would like to voice my opinion on the so called assault weapons bill and asked the congressman to vote against that. They will say thank you very much. Appreciate that. They may ask you your name where you live. That's fine. They just want to find out that you really live in that state. And then they mark it down. They have like two columns on every issue. Yes, no. Whether or not they vote on the basis of that, there's no way of knowing. But the deal is, on most of these, all you got to move is two or three or maybe four people and we win. We stop this. I would rather stop it before it gets to the Senate. I'd like to keep it from going to the Senate. It's too close there, and we can say, yeah, they're not going to win. Yeah, you never know. You never know. We can lose easily on those deals. And we don't want to trust this, have to go to the Supreme Court to overturn. We want to stop it now. 8 6 6 talk gun will get you in here. Called in out of Marshall, Texas on one. Hey, come on, you're on gun talk. What you got? Yes. I have a tire as PT one 45. There's a real smile 45. And I was wondering about them new ammunition they got at a light round like the Novak's Lake, and then I thank hundred badges a little lighter too, whatever good option. So my 45 for, you know, getting a second shot and a little bit quicker. And a little less recall. Oh, okay. We're trying to manage the recoil. Yes, those are possibilities. The other possibility, honestly, is shooter technique. You can't control recoil on awful lot with how you hold your gun. And I'm just going to I'm not even going to make any assumptions about how you're shooting it or anything else. But you want to have a really firm grip, one hand wrapped around the other. It's like you're do you see right handed? Yes, I use one hand into hand holes. Okay, and you shoot right handed or left handed. Right handed. Okay. So you take that left hand, you wrap it around your right hand, basically like you're going to shove your fist of your right hand right into the palm of your left hand. That's your grip. Grip the heck out of it. It's really tight. You kind of like, I guess you call it weaver. Yes, exactly. A good weaver stance. Here's a trick that will help you with that recoil, okay? It's going to sound weird until you try it. And then we try it. You're going to go, wow, that's kind of cool. If you can take your thumbs that are together and rotate them four words under it as I'm speaking right now, rotate them forward so they are actually pointing at the target. When you do that, you take your thumbs and roll them from a straight up position and roll them toward the target. You will start to feel strained along the tops of your forearms. And your muscles start to strain and you roll your thumbs down till they're pointing at the target. And that locks your arms in, you will be amazed at how much that helps you control recoil. I can control it just I'm kind of cutting down and recall. Okay. Well, lighter bullets will certainly do that in the honey badger or these lighter loads will certainly work for you. Go to, instead of shooting like a 230 grain bullet, go to a 148, of correction a 185 grain bullet. All of that will help, and there are some lower recoil loads available from different manufacturers. You might try that. And then try that technique like I talk about. Lean over nose over toes, lean into it very firm grip, rotate those thumbs forward on the target. I mean, I know it sounds crazy. You think, how can that do that? I mean, if you're literally, if you just try it like right now, take your firing grip and then rotate your thumbs forward. You will feel that strain along the tops of your forearms. That will greatly help you control recoil, okay? Just saying that it works for everybody. And

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