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And we are talking with rachel praying dr rachel prank i should say an orthopedic surgeon welcome i'm so glad that you could take the time to talk to us thank you very much snap salute honor to be here perry of course you're going to be the smartest person on the air right now so i really kind of you to say but i do have some questions for un one of which which is actually kind of the topics looking up happier aclu tories were male the hip could have ceo atris at a popping up now that's a bit of a bible following women's basketball daca would happen this year for the buff to achieve seated here with the pac 12 certainly yeah we've been fortunate lucky this here but acl injuries in any athlete can be a devastating injury sometimes a career under although usually now with surgical techniques that we have today the problem that we have with female athletes is that eco injuries are just much more common than they are in our male athletes even those plane the same sports basketball baseball soccer or whatever it might be and there's a lot of reasons that we think caused that higher rate of aco injuries in females it can be up to seven times or more higher and keno injuries female athletes excuse me compared to male athletes some of those factors that we think come into quadriceps muscle control different anatomical shapes to the pelvis in knees and females compared to males hormonal differences between females compared to males put in many instances we don't know why the rate of aco injuries is so much higher but we do know in what were very happy to to reporters that after an injury is unfortunately diagnosed with appropriate surgery rehabilitation and return of play protocols and guidelines athletes in most cases if not the majority of cases can affect a full support cold function and really a wellfunctioning sportsperson relay pardo rehab work not just talking about the word but basketball players for everybody every cubic communitywide it's unbelievable you know it it from.

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