President Trump, Rachel Bell, Muckleshoot Casino discussed on Face the Nation


These people are hurting the president and i'm not saying he's not a good person but but the appearance of impropriety matters and you can you can you can't put lipstick at the president and certainly scott pruitt have alleged that all of this is just politically motivated by environmentalists who don't like his deregulation of edition i mean he he either travels with twenty security folks are he doesn't he either flies first class every single time or he doesn't i don't know whether the allegations of bodies apartment or true or not they don't look good why do you want in this position why do you want to rent an apartment from a lobbyist for god's sake stock leading with your chin now these are unforced errors they're stupid there are a lot of problems we can't solve but you can behave i'm not i don't mean denigrate mr but doggone it he represents the president united states and it is hurting his boss and it needs to stop senator kennedy thank you for coming on face the nation we'll be back in a moment it's rachel bell and i've already been telling you what a great gaming destination muckleshoot casino is boot you may not know is that they have really really good food right now at the cuiaba grill they're doing their caribbean roadside chicken served with east indian rice and soup or salad i love the diversity of the food at muckleshoot casino at the island deli they're doing tai chicken street tacos and at espn robert they're black truffle burger top to the rich and creamy mushroom ragu crispy fried shallots and truffles three ways check out all the dining specials at muckleshootcasino dot com.

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