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That's not exactly one of Paul nicholls. Absolute stable stars. But still, it's a racy targets, and the fact that he's been able to do that in winners. Trainers are a creature of habit. So same applies to Oscar leaves. The fact that Oscar elite lined up here when college's art has trained the chart at this race in the past, tells you all you need to know. And I'd be excited about 300 through 5 to a certain extent. I'm excited in that I want to see what he does next. I want to see where he goes next, how he runs they were talking about the Brown advisory. And they're kind of they were mixing it up in terms of where exactly to go. I just said it to max as the quote from Paul Nichols that he be superb for the national hunt chase. And something like the Reynolds town in the spring. Becoming over Charlotte. Number of pole nickel sources are going to come over to the side of things, which is really good news, particularly for the Dublin racing festival. Which is fantastic to hear. He's a really strong stare. He jumps and gallops away and you can ride them hand the headlight baker said that the horse would run well in a national one day, hope he's right. He's a lovely staying horse. So former. Not quite four minor, not quite amateur writers chase. Seems to be the target for 300 through 5. Long term. We'll see if Adrian has to say about that because the jockey's union let's keep the rights. And unless the amateurs are allowed back in control of that race again, then Adrian hill would be really out of it. Another winner for Paul Nicholas on the day was Yale enki and Yale enki is I find very, very interesting because Yellen is best form comes on soft heavy. The going at children was officially good. Now I know the ground was kicking up a little bit. But it was still good throughout the entire day. This is the kept on saying. And briny frost has given this a fantastic ride and previously would finish Williams has been third three times in the Welsh grand national. And I suspect it will be the world's grand national next. Paul Nichols indeed saying that he will have an entry in the world's grand national. The race that suits him is the Portman cup at Taunton. He loves that race. If he went straight there, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Depending on what we get for the Welsh national is what he said. It was a super performance and the crowd loved these old horses who just keep on jumping and galloping. Paul Nichols full quote in the racing post to give them the credit. So not entirely certain than that he will go back to the Welsh national the chips. So he may very well just go straight to the race season for the last 17 years. Yeah, I can't imagine that it's okay. It's also very hard to see him winners. And because if you want to have one 5 70 every day, he's going to get his proper parents to bring him back up to where he was asking the right national last year. And when he was heard, you know, he's not going to improve. He'd be 12 almost 12 and so, you know, he probably went well in it again, whatever. He definitely wouldn't think he did anything the other day that he hasn't done before because he was given he was given a few land starts in the tapes went up. He got a soft lease, pretty much dictated my granted he saved his family. That wasn't necessarily not going to push. Yeah, maybe he didn't go break up, so it might not have suited him because he would probably do it more and stay so well. Did you probably did well to win turning to be a more than a half race rider than anything happened before that was neck, it was quite pain. And at the same time, he didn't do anything. We just don't know about it. And it's hard to see a window of what could be an American one 6 years. So all of you probably run well. And if there was anything in that race, the mighty Don was probably looking at winners. He made a really bad mistake at the water the first time. And then he was kind of outpace from the quickened down the road to the third last. And stayed on strongly in his face. The only thing about him is he does tend to make mistakes. So we kind of need a bit of a right gallop to actually pick up a price bush. He looked like a horse in the race that was possibly the best handicap. Kind of a bit more of a galaxy on earth and didn't make that really bad mistake. I wouldn't get too carried away with him. Yeah, I would agree. The thing that was the most interesting PostScript from this race was the brineys ended up getting a two day ban for interfering with Brian yu's. And first of all, I was watching the race because I was covering it for talks where I was presenting. Lizzy Kelly and Rupert bell were doing the commentary. But I've re watched it. Countless times, and if briny appeals, she wins. She wins this, no problem at all. Secondly, the issue is with from the third last. Now, I actually said Lizzie Kelly that I suspect that Kieran Buckley is going to be having a word with probably use afterwards because he's bumped going another one. When going on was traveling quite well. And Stuart mason's commentary on racing TV, you want to rewatch it afterwards. But Rupert's commentary as well was quite similar to Rupert said Brian used his angling out for a better position..

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