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So that when you do get that ballot in the general election, you can choose between a Republican who's normal and democrat who's normal. And then, you know, it's like, you know, choosing between your favorite, desserts, right? As opposed to. I don't know like a can of. On eating cooked spinach that has expired and dessert so it kind of ups your for better representation. Right. So that's one way to put it. But then again, I have not always practice strategic voting myself. I took I can say this now because the election's over. But in the Republican primary gubernatorial primary, we had a truly terrifying candidate Briscoe Bach. Who was our secretary of state, and you know, if you've heard of him that's why I would not want him to win. And then we had our current governor. Who was governor Brownback Lieutenant governor, and I had a good personal relationship with them. He was a nice guy. But I disagreed with him on almost all of his policy issues. I think you can work with people without agreeing with them, and especially you should when you're in the legislature. But when it's you in your private moment in the ballot box in that voting booth is strategic voting necessarily the best thing to do. Because what I ended. Up doing was I cast about for neither of those people cast a ballot for the moderate Republican who didn't have a chance in you know, in winning that at all, but I voted with my heart. And then it was truly frightening because I did end up regretting that a little bit because our Republican nominee was none other than Chris co Bach. And so I found myself sweating a little bit thinking. Oh, man. What have I done? He might become governor. I made this much more likely by voting with my art. But then again, obviously, Kansas overwhelmingly supported Laura Kelly for our governor. Thank goodness because she's done a wonderful job. And you know, she is even Democrats think about Democrats nationally, but Democrats in Kansas, even the more Liberal Democrats in Kansas are pretty are pretty chill or pretty close to the center. So, but yes, I mean, so that's sort of my own personal dilemma, I think I think that it is a tremendously personal choice. And I don't know what the voting registration laws are like in your state. We cannot switch parties after the filing deadline even as voting citizens. That's one of those things where okay, it would make sense. If you could see your ballot before you could switch states with same day, voter registration. You look and see where you can do the most good, and that's what I would recommend. But when you have states with hard voting deadlines like we do here in Kansas. It's difficult because again, we had a very crowded primary for both governor and for the congressional seat up here. And so we have a lot of people who switched to the Democratic Party because they felt that they were able to do more good there. So as you can see it's a more convoluted discussion when you talk about do you vote with your heart or d you vote, you know with a cold pragmatic strategy because sometimes one works, but sometimes it does. Doesn't and it's really a case by case basis. Well, I think that this happens much more on the state level than in the national level the party switching in these sort of thought processes, even as voters we my personal state Senator former state Senator switched parties three times he went from democrat to Republican to independent. So that happened. I think that happens. My question is beyond the strategic thinking of how you're going to vote or how you're going to register. What do you see as the benefits of the party? Was there any training for you? You said your state Senator or the young Republicans recruited you. So you were very active in the sort of party structure..

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