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Sitting almost died. Two time all star said he was the passing in the passenger seat of a Hyundai Hyundai Santa Fe. I should know that Hyundai Santa Fe that had come to a complete stop in order to avoid a separate accident in front of them. The Hyundai was then hit by a semi truck. After the accident towns estimated that he had about a five percent chance of surviving. The accident question. What is the closest you'll ever come to dying? One time in Texas. And I still have absolutely no idea. How I got out of this the way I did. I was driving home one night. I had done the late news. And I was driving home on the freeway and came on. I grew up in California. Right. Went to UCLA spent some time in Louisiana, but less than six months, and so I'm in Texas in the winter and I'd never driven on nights. Right because I grew up. So I'm flying down the freeway, and I'm not paying attention. And I have to hit my brakes because for whatever reason something had stopped. Right. And when I hit my brakes might car began to spin, right? And I had no idea what to do about short against the spin. I we grew up doing. Okay. So my car begins to spin across the freeway now keep in mind, if I'm if I go anymore forward. I'm going to run into the traffic, and there are cars coming up behind me. So I had my seatbelt on. I was reserved. The fact that I was going to hit something hard, right? But I didn't know what I would hit. And my car spun complete three sixty twice and ended up pointing the wrong way on the freeway, but in the fifth lane in like. Unscathed. Wow. And I thought to myself that should have been it. I shouldn't I should not have made when I was in high school. I fell asleep at the wheel of a car that ran into a wall and ruined they found me. Yeah. And the core was total like a a wall of a development like I was drinking, and they found me this is what I was like seventeen they found me. And I had my seat belt on, but I was unconscious, and I told the car, but I lived, but so it'd be one of those two. Wow. Those are rough. Yeah. You've never had a close call in a car not in a car. But you know, when I stupidly jumped over that bar and broke my foot you'll that's where you had to come up. At a pulmonary embolism. Which was very was that is because some people have never heard of that. It's basically your stops. Right. I know it's a clot that they think might go to your heart. And I was okay. They found out. I was allergic to morphine and took me off morphine. And I was able to survive it that was but that was all together one of the stupidest incidents of my entire. I remember saying you I kind of played a small role in that you said I could jump over that bar without a bike. We had a guy riding a bicycle in studio over at Fox Sports west when we show on TV, and he was jumping over like bars. Like I jumped he would bounce his tires. Yeah. And then would jump in Mason goes well, that's not that hard. I could jump over that without the bike go. You cannot jump over that without the bike. So you j- you go all show you and you get up. Did you take your shoes? I took my shoes off. I it's a missing it shows, you're on YouTube to your credit. You hit the ground you go. I think I just broke my foot I go. Now, you didn't you just turn your ankle? Ray Allen was in promoting he got game and rail goes, yeah, you just turned your ankle..

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