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This time out Manuela was the I watch I watch our she last night, and it was wonderful. Yeah. I mean just to Newman like no one has. And I think the lighting in movies. So I read that the film style was inspired by I is films also using modern techniques. And that's why the lighting is very strange because it's can of lighted for black and white film. But he's in color. So it makes pretty high contrast, and that could be bad and some people think it's bad. But to me that makes everyone surreal especially because years insane features. Obviously, he looks like he was maybe computer before computers, which is great. I don't mind that they are really like I said I thought that obviously it's an interesting to compare with you again because he does that ring where Robert Redford is this sort of gripped. That's like doesn't seem to have a goal an end goal except like getting money for the next thing until he can wasted very fast in stupid ways. So that was pretty refreshing. The main thing that we can move is how the two main characters so Redford's, Johnny hookah great. Name and Paul Newman's, Harry gone together planning con, but at the same time, there's always a suspicion that one he's going to cheat on the one that creates an interesting dynamic, and I read that at first some producers were worried about that casting. Because at the time everybody knew that Newman in Redford research, great friends, so that people will buy it. And they wouldn't be even the suspense of the film of our day treating each and turns out that was mistake love money. But yeah, really dynamic and does something sort of homoerotic. It's great. It's funny mentioned Paul Newman off the bat because I think this is for film more than wrote Redford film, and it makes me realize he so good. No mountain a gun seeing rubble effort has the front and center staffer movie the movies. I think of where he is in a in a GIO, you think all the president's men Butch and Sundance and this Adams, Saint what's. In this lady less, but Redford is. Screens. Yeah. It's about the parent because I think Jack Nicholson was in into play the Redford character one point. And we really does rely on the audience's awareness of these two as celebrities as friends as co-stars prior to this, and yeah, just wonderful. How it kind of San keeps teasing that suggestion that maybe they're not quite on the same side new, and you really don't find out until the very end which way ends up going. I think it's fascinating talking about something you picked up on early with your man and a gun and just seeing this film on a big screen. So I saw. Economic big screen. So the state on a small screen something about movie stars. I don't water is how you can kind of place your finger on it. But the idea that people's faces and just figures are meant to be on the big screen and Robert Redford, Paul Newman to those people. It is quite bout them. But they just work on biggest possible they do. And and that is what part what being a movie star is really ephemeral thing that you can't quite understand in. But it just connects with you, and it speaks to you in this way. And I think putting something like this on the small screen immediately. I felt it's like disconnect between how I would feel. I think watching on a big screen. Yeah. Me too. And as shame. So when they will go and see big three. And you think this thing about stardom where maybe people don't really talk about that these days, but it really is about. Most of the time. But a lot of the time big styles styles that their face cells moving Tom Cruise in mission impossible or Jaime Guardia that doesn't happen anymore. But it was about having a face a huge face that takes the whole screen, and that is unique in I can you you Khemisset. Let's why you like that look so much better than you..

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