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I dated a girl. Had Yeah she was she was going to U. of M.. She lives in Ann Arbor and the ban. My Buddy's band was playing, and so they're playing I met this girl and so. went out ample time. Amazing. Just weird. You know she rescued a couple of rats from the psychology department that we're kind of at the end of this and some weird chicken Herat, a mail truck. Man I wasn't driving the middle track. Your movie. Anyway. Just, yeah, this is just Back to hanging out and she was going to go you know get some T.j back and she had a rat like running across shoulder and I'm like. All right. Let's get freaky. All right. But I got another pet here. Hey Guys I've been walking a male Bernie doodle. What's a Burnett doodle? Bernie doodle named Verne. Verne. Oh. Maybe he's a her knees in how the huddle maybe a Bernie doodle. Or. Maybe a somebody doodle something many Bernie doodle poodle I don't know right never. Mind Bernie doodle Ernie Bernie Verna. All right. So I've been walking this is like a dog Walker I've been walking a male Bernie doodle for about six months or so three days a week Monday. Wednesday Friday and been doing that for about a year. Now, when I first met the dog, he was five months old. he was extremely unruly but settled down a lot eventually on the walks, and now he'll walk like gentleman with me. Harley pulls keeps loose leash checks checks off and sits before crossing the street or when I just stop no cues needed. Wow. I'll use treats sometimes on the walk but then he loses interest in the treats and just physical affection is is the best reinforcer with the stock. Owners are a little older. The wife seems to be the main person interacting with the dog they say he behaves poorly with the dad. Especially at dusk I told them, he needs more exercise and mental stimulation because he's a very smart dog, it's like having a teenager he absolutely refuses to walk with the owner. They'll get, they'll get a few feet out of the gate and the dog will stop lay down role on his back he waves seventy five pounds and knows how to use mass to get his way. Sometimes, they'll refuse to go in any direction even home leaving the owners stranded standing there looking like an idiot the owners tried very high value treats a fast pace waiting nothing seems to work what would you suggest with his family? That could help them solve this problem. This sounds like an association thing you know dogs are really good at At determining who they need to. I was excited. Yeah and who they don't. But this sounds like something different. This sounds like the dog has a bad association with walking with this particular person. Sounds kind of odd. But in any event, you need some leverage So dog will respond to the strongest stimulus in the environment. So the strongest stimulus is fear. And it doesn't WANNA. Walk then he's not going to respond to a treat or anything else. Now. If the strongest stimulus is the food then you can make some progress. So all you have to do is make the strongest Simmons, the Food and the way you do that is. He should be walking the dog at first once a week, Olga don't feed the dog the the day before. Okay. Sounds mean I mean it's not what it does. It gives you leverage. So the dog is hungry. So now he's thinking more about his stomach than is about his fear. Okay. So then you take them out and you see and you have something a secret weapon like chopped up hotdogs or something something very special that the dog doesn't normally get. It put him on the leash and dog takes a little step towards you. You give a little piece of hot dog. and. Maybe do that for fifteen seconds. Any progress you make? Give them a treat, and then you go back in and and bring back in the house and feed them, and then next week you do the same thing. So what you're doing is you're counter conditioning dog. You're starting to get the dog to respond based on You know him searching for something good rather than trying to avoid something bad make sense. Yeah. So but you gotTa have that Leverage Training is all about leverage and whether you're using some sort of punishment or some sort of reward. The function of it just to make make the choice is clear. You know this avenue is good. This one's not so good. This one is better than that one. You know if you always use food and you don't have leverage, then you know if he's more distracted by a squirrel or or startled by car something, that's what's going to influence a dog more than. Just trying to wrap my head around what event might have caused this dog to want to walk with this side. He's like down with the dog Walker is at the time of day could the time of Day be part of it? It could be I'd like to see what what's going on. Maybe it has to do with the the owner leaving the house and the dog doesn't like the idea I I don't know it sounds odd. Or they took him on a walk and there's like a big backfire. Yes. Could Happen freaked out and just like. Walking with you suck doing, it could have been one one event like that. Maybe he's mistreating the doug maybe he's pulling the leash or the way he's he's holding the dog is not something that you know. Is Okay with colleen tells me I I i. do it totally wrong. She's like you do not when we when we show and I would I would hold. The leash her this is going somewhere else. Eighty law that wrong too. Not. They're not like that. Day Of digressions isn't it? Yeah. But Yes. You. Just. Don't know how to do it. Yeah. She never pulls on a leash for me and I'm going to go. Still pull on a leash. So. Gatien. I. I was wondering if going if having the dog Walker go on some of the walks with the dog walker. Yeah. I would that be prudent that that was not a bad idea. It's not a bad idea but if she can't make any any progress with the dog I would I would kind of bug out of that situation because I don't want the dog associated that with with someone else. Yeah. So much she's not walk for anybody yeah right. Right. But I would insist on a little bit of progress. You know dogs tend to remember the last thing that happens in a training situation. So if you're frustrated and you don't make any progress and then you put the dog away then that's the last thing they remember. So even if you walk out there and you get ten seconds of really good behavior that you never had before put the dog away right there you know stop when you're ahead stop before you get to a point where People don't tend to do people tend to say oh. Okay I'm making progress. Let's do more you know so. As soon as you make some progress, try to try to stop initially. Some pretty good advice is that was the question that I thought I was excited about. Is I was excited about that question. It is odd I. Love to see the behavior. Yeah. It was like, wow, there's so many layers more layers. They gave us some good information. There's so many more layers to that is like hope hopefully result is as Kooky walks with one person with the other. Denver strange stuff going on in Denver. Yeah. Don't maybe we can go to Denver and just take a look. Yeah. No this is there's another story I was cycling to Denver. Oh. Okay. Moving away from. From the the Bernie doodle. Was No that was It was at the Bernie doodle. doodle..

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