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I gotta company um uh a sworn toys stores i remember no kidding sins no trains toy hobbies stores bouquet be i remember was lyonel was that dissociated with line all trains i believe it was uh on not in a sting i thought tweet toys r us bought them out but uh robert muller i think they went out of business and toys are us if i remember correctly sorta swooped in an bought at a bargain there their inventory yeah which halls kind of ironic that entered gives them you do they want and horn cafeterias yes gifts and and was the other one i was looking up on line of what the heck was it called it's one of those sharper images apparently gone sharper edge yeah i heard about them quite a while create the call vince little bits of sadness daljit but still let's go to anita in fairfax you're on wmal hello yes i remember the hot shops what's a hot shop russia hotshot hot shop hot shop c e it was a restaurant but you also could eat outside it would bring your food out on a tray eighteen so that you could sit in your car or whatever mood yes can sit in your car but they also had a restaurant it all right and um i know they were open until the early ninety linear down let me ask you this vague memories of a place called burgers chefs as a kid i looked them up online grip they came courteous under the name the they i just remember that they had a really cool kids meal because the boksic came in could be set up in to like a a scene from a movie or whatever it was sponsored by but they all became parties and all became poor appreciate it let's go to dustin in alexandria you're on the larry o'connor showed dustin ramici the first time i went for gander mountain in fredericksburg it was like like christmas all over again he's a all over again i think is is better than but i tell you again they're mountain had everything you could think of in the place that com complete l bore store yeah now one place i don't miss is w bell and comfort in.

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