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Not to mention that the baseball schedule maker left it completely devoid of baseball on this holiday after all holidays. So where do we start? We started Wimbledon with Roger Federer authored a straight sets victory over Lorenzo Sin ago. Federal reaching the quarterfinals for the 18th time. Men's top seed Novak Djokovic, also a winner in his fourth round match number five Andre Rub left and the 20 year old American Sebastian Court, though, are heading home in women's play. Number one Ashleigh Barty from Australia moves on to the quarters, Americans Madison Keys and Cocoa Golf, though coming up short 11 games are on baseball on this holiday after the holiday, the first pitch thrown in San Francisco about 30 minutes ago cards and giant scoreless in the second Kevin Gausman San Fran's best picture so far in 21. He's on the mound, aiming for his ninth win of the season. Lightning lead the Canadians three games tonight, heading into Game four tonight of the Stanley Cup finals in Montreal, but a holiday tragedy Castle Paul over the occasion. Blue Jackets backup goalie Matisse can link this died Sunday night of chest trauma. After being struck by an errant fireworks blast at a private party in Novi Michigan, NBA Finals The sons and the Bucks getting underway tomorrow night. It's been a long time since either franchise made the finals PHOENIX last there in 1993 at a clip led by Charles Barkley, Milwaukee 47 years ago, the year 1974. With Kareem out of Abdul Jabbar, Oscar Robertson and Bobby Dandridge leading the pack. Trevor Lawrence signed his rookie contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars. It will pay a guaranteed 23 million. I'm Mike McCann. This is more as hope You're having a great independence weekend. The D A show returns with a trance Tuesday back in studio and more 6 to 10 A.m., eastern.

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