Donald Trump, North Carolina, President Trump discussed on Sean Hannity


Driving the liberals. John Hannity is back on the radio right now. High twenty five till the top of the hour. Another constitutional expert Jonathan Turley predicts yet Trump is going to prevail in this court fight over the border wall national emergency, which I've been saying it's likely to happen. There's a Washington Examiner story out that says looks like Democrats anti-ppe ice rhetoric is led to violence. We're going to watch this story where over the weekend Cording to the museum director, which is the US border patrol museum near El Paso, where they proceeded to intimidate staffers to face some of the exhibits. Some witnesses to this fifty degree and rowdy. Protesters entered the facility. Say it loud say clear border patrol kills. There's a video of it. We'll be looking out for that. And California predictably they said they're going to have a lawsuit over that. I look it's going to be exactly as I said, which is why getting any border money in the interim and the president using other funds. He can redirect as well. As the one point three seven five that means the wall continues to get repaired and built while this works its way through the court system, which there's so many constitutional issues. The president's roles commander in chief the law that allows and has allowed and continues to allow a president, especially with international drug trade issues to Bill barriers. So I think he's on solid ground every way on all of this. And I think he wins in the end, by the way, the feds busted, a massive Mexican drug cartel operation in North Carolina. Fox News reported this that six illegal immigrants with ties to a Mexican drug cartel arrival of the ascent alot cartel whose no Torius leader, Joaquin El Chapo goo. Mon- who was convicted last week were arrested on elaborate, drug trafficking operations in North Carolina, large amounts of cocaine methamphetamine, there were dragging across state lines, for instance, from Texas to Georgia to North Carolina. But don't worry beta. Bozo. Aurore plans to tear down the border wall. Apparently, it's gaining some traction now among other Democrats great. Let's just tear it down tear down this wall right now goes. You know, how do you make the case? Four thousand homicides two year, period. Thirty thousand sexual assaults. One hundred thousand violent assaults ninety percent of heroin now, Fenton, all cartels gangs. Granted I mean when you have so many people across the border. It's it's relatively like two percent of the people, but it's still wide open borders, how many criminal illegal immigrants, you know, even those involved in horrible, violent crimes. We support them and they can walk right back across. We don't stop them happens. All the time. Would you? If you could would you take the wall.

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